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South-East junior badminton

 Beavers SE junior team champions


   Dorchester sends seven to WOSSAA led by Luka Palajsa, boys' singles winner

   while Wildcats' Mosher and Timmermans come back in boys' doubles



  April 26, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

WOODSTOCK, Ont - Luka Palajsa made quick work of the opposition in boys' singles, while mixed doubles' pair of Avery Henshal and Caleb Steyaert played as long as they could.

The end result was the same, with Palajsa and Henshal and Steyaert taking gold, in their respective disciplines.

Their wins led the Lord Dorchester Beavers to the team title, at the TVRA South-East junior badminton championships, at Huron Park secondary school.

Also contributing to Dorchester's team points, were mixed doubles finalists, Jacob Delaney and Maddie Greenfield and the girls' doubles bronze medalists, Jocelyn Pollard and Emily Devine.

The Central Elgin Titans placed second, led by silver medalists, Brandon Dews, in boys' singles and Rebecca Nurton, in girls' singles. Lizzy Woolsey was third and Abbie Neil, fourth, in girls' singles. Mellissa Francis and Reina Walters placed fourth in girls' doubles.

Woodstock College Avenue was third.

The top four in each of the five disciplines, boys and girls' singles, boys and girls' doubles and mixed doubles, advance to WOSSAA, May 3, at Saunders secondary school, in London.

Palajsa never dropped a game, while going 4-0 to his gold medal.

"The biggest thing for me was clearing it long. If you can move your player around, you have the ability to create space to where you can shoot. You can shoot side to side. Move them around and you got them," Palajsa said. "I was happy with my consistency as well. I hit almost every bird perfectly. I hit most of my shots in. I didn't miss too many."

Henshal and Steyaert likely had one of the longest days on the court, having to beat teammates Jacob Delaney and Maddie Greenfield twice, and it was a marathon of a final.

"We worked together and persevered through it. We were down a couple times, but came back and played really well," Steyaert said.

Henshal and Steyaert lost to Delaney and Greenfield earlier in the tournament, forcing them to play an extra match and beat Glencoe's Will McEachern and Vanessa Close, for a spot in the final.

"We had to communicate well, Henschel said. "We had to let each other know which birdie we were going to get, if it was really close."

Also playing extra matches to win gold, were West Elgin Wildcats' Josh Mosher and Jordan Timmermans in boys' doubles.

Mosher and Timmermans defeated East Elgin Eagles' Julian Mizon and Noah Sleegers, twice in the final.

"We had to come back the hard way, but all in all, a good day," Timmermans said. "I missed a couple birdies in some matches. Luckily I had my buddy (Mosher) here and it turned out alright in the end."

The key for the Wildcats' pair was exploiting their opponents' weakness.

"Hitting to the sides and trying to hit it at them preferably and low. Force them to their weak side," Mosher said. "and play defence the best we can."

Parkside Stampeders' Darren Hagerty and Ryan Willmore, who placed third, handed the Wildcats their lone loss.

In girls' doubles, East Elgin Eagles' Annelise and Adrianna Borm, finished second.



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    WOSSAA qualifiers

Girls Singles
1.  Arianna Pastoor (College Avenue)
2.  Rebecca Nurton (Central Elgin)
3.  Lizzy Woolsey (Central Elgin)
4.  Abbie Neil (Central Elgin)
	Alt: Emilie Dlouhy (PCI)

Girls Doubles
1.  Taylor Allcock & Chloe Jones (College Avenue)
2.  Annelise Borm & Adrianna Borm (East Elgin)
3.  Jocelyn Pollard & Emily Devine (Dorchester)
4.  Mellissa Francis & Reina Walters (Central Elgin)
	Alt: Prangley & Cassells (College Avenue)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Caleb Steyaert & Avery Henschel (Dorchester)
2.  Jacob Delaney & Maddie Greenfield (Dorchester)
3.  Will McEachern & Vanessa Close (Glencoe)
4.  Noah Clements & Claire Harmer (WCI)
	Alt: Adrian Baran & Cheyenne Cummings (Glencoe)
Boys Singles
1.  Luka Palajsa (Dorchester)
2.  Brandon Dews (Central Elgin)
3.  Nathan Law (Ingersoll)
4.  Bryce Hampton (Parkside)
	Alt: Nic Pfeffer (Parkside)
Boys Doubles
1.  Josh Mosher & Jordan Timmermans (West Elgin)
2.  Julian Mizon & Noah Sleegers (East Elgin)
3.  Darren Hagerty & Ryan Willmore (Parkside)
4.  Ty Friesen & Noah Paulsen (College Avenue)
	Alt: Colton Thompson & Max Wilson (WCI)



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