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TVRA South 2022 Junior badminton

 Nurton leads Titans at Jr badminton


   The girls' singles winner among seven Titans heading to South-East championships



  April 19, 2022


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ST. THOMAS - Rebecca Nurton led the Central Elgin Titans.

The girls' singles winner was among seven Titans taking qualifying spots, at the Thames Valley Region Athletics (TVRA) South Division junior badminton qualifier, Tuesday, at Parkside C.I.

The top four from each of girls' singles, boys' singles, girls' doubles, boys' doubles and mixed doubles, advance to the TVRA South-East championships, at Huron Park secondary school, in Woodstock, Tuesday, April 26.

Qualifiers from the South-East, move on to WOSSAA, at Saunders secondary school in London, Tuesday, May 3.

Nurton beat fellow Titan, Lizzy Woolsey, in the ladies singles final, one of three finals featuring teammates facing each other for first place.

Bryce Hampton beat Parkside teammate Nic Pfeffer, in the boys' singles final, while an all-Glencoe mixed doubles final, had Will McEachern and Vanessa Close defeating Adrian Baran and Cheyenne Cummings.

West Elgin Wildcats Josh Mosher and Jordan Timmermans won boys doubles, while East Elgin Eagles' sisters Adrianna and Annelise Borm, won girls doubles.


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    South-East qualifiers

Girls Singles
1.  Rebecca Nurton (CECI)
2.  Lizzy Woolsey (CECI)
3.  Emilie Dlouhy (PCI)
4.  Abbie Neil (CECI)
	Alt: Maya Minielly (PCI)

Girls Doubles
1.  Annelise Borm & Adrianna Borm (EESS)
2.  Mellissa Francis & Reina Walters (CECI)
3.  Ellery Beilhertz & Tanyss Johnston (EESS)
4.  Katie Moffatt & Karmin Mortis-Leblanc (CECI)
	Alt: Kendra Zinn & Alexis Smith ()

Mixed Doubles
1.  Will McEachern & Vanessa Close (GDHS)
2.  Adrian Baran & Cheyenne Cummings (GDHS)
3.  Brooke Lonsbury & Isaac Medieros (PCI)
4.  Alex Jackson & Amaiah Dawdy (CECI)
Boys Singles
1.  Bryce Hampton (PCI)
2.  Nic Pfeffer (PCI)
3.  Brandon Dews (CECI)
4.  Matt Brown (WESS)
	Alt: Caleb Ryan (PCI)
Boys Doubles
1.  Josh Mosher & Jordan Timmermans (WESS)
2.  Julian Mizon & Noah Sleegers (EESS)
3.  Darren Hagerty & Ryan Willmore (PCI)
4.  Carter Wall & Nate Shackleton (WESS)
	Alt: Clay Boyd & Daniel Barnes (WESS)



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