Nolte two-time Ontario Cup champion

 Nolte brings home U15 Ontario Cup   


   Scores once in penalties helping Dorchester Alliance edge Erin Mills in final 



September 13, 2021


Bella Nolte with the U15 girls' Ontario Cup won with Dorchester Alliance. (photo / courtesy Nolte family )

By Rob J. Ross 

DORCHESTER, Ont. - Bella Nolte has back to back Ontario Cup titles.

The winger with the Dorchester Alliance won a second provincial championship, defeating the Erin Mills Eagles, 3-2, (4-3) on penalty kicks, to capture the U-15 girls crown Saturday, at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan.

"It feels really good," said Nolte, the only player on the team actually from Dorchester. "A bit stressful but I was confident in our team."

Dorchester trailed 2-1 in to the last minute of regulation, before Lowyn Weber scored her second goal of the game.

"We got a bit nervous, but we tried to stay confident and play a lot more forward balls in order to get that scoring opportunity," said Nolte. "But when it was nearing the end it was getting a lot more nerves."

Nolte was one of the Dorchester players to score during penalty kicks. Then her and teammates watched keeper Caitlyn De Roux make two saves for the victory.

"It was really nerve wracking watching them (Erin Mills) shoot, but very happy for her when she saved them," said Nolte. "The second goal that we got. It was such a good play and it was such a relieving and exciting moment."

Weber had that goal and she is an underager who Nolte describes as "very good."

Dorchester cruised through much of their Ontario Cup run, including dropping Hillsburgh Erin, 5-1, in the semifinals.

In Western Region league action, Dorchester is 5-0-0, outscoring opponents, 30-3.

"Our midfield and our defence gives us a lot of good opportunities with shutting down the other team from getting goals on us and gives us more opportunities for our forwards to score," said Nolte. "I think that's how we won a lot of our games."

The Grade 10 student at Lord Dorchester Secondary school, won her first Ontario Cup when the team was at the U13 level in 2019.

Nolte has gained lessons in the game, from her older siblings, sister Annika, in Grade 12 at LDSS and brother, Jaxon, who has one Ontario Cup on his soccer resume and now attends Windsor University.

"I really learned to stay calm on the field, but also to be vocal with the team if I see something like a player not making the right run," Nolte said. "Give that advice and leadership without being critical, just encouragement."

Annika's team was knocked out in the third round of the U17 Ontario Cup, losing to Mississauga Dixie, on penalty kicks. Annika scored twice.

Bella will have the opportunity to play alongside Annika, next spring at LDSS.

"That will be exciting," the younger sister said. "We've never been on the same team. It'll be fun."

Then the sisters may be able to chase another Ontario title together, OFSAA, the high school provincial championship.