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Forest City track & field

 Back at track & field after three years


  Dylen Belanger wins 110-metre hurdles and the 400m at the Forest City Mustang

  Invitational, the first high school track and field meet for TVRA since 2019



  May 5, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

LONDON, Ont. - For many athletes, the events were more of a practice than competition at an actual meet.

At the first high school track and field meet in three years, the Forest City Mustang Invitational, at Western University, May 5, many athletes are still learning their event, understanding the required technique and simply needing more practice.

It is an unusual year as it's the first high school meet for not only athletes in Grade nine, but Grades 10 and 11, as well. The COVID pandemic caused the cancellation of the past two years of the track and field season.

The last time Grade 12 students were at the track representing their school, they were in Grade nine. Athletes who have been training will clubs, the past two years, will certainly have the advantage.

Dylen Belanger, of St. Joe's Rams, won the senior boys' 110-metre hurdles, in 15.19 seconds and the 400-metre run, in 52.64 seconds.

Seven additional athletes from Elgin County and Dorchester won events.

Mason Basson, of the Parkside Stampeders, won the senior boys' 800 metres, (2:00.75) and finished fourth in the 400 metres, in 53.52 seconds.

Ethan Dolby, of Parkside, was the fastest, in the senior boys' 100-metre dash, crossing the finish line, in 11.30 seconds.

Merrick Rollins, of Parkside, won novice boys' javelin (45.43m) and placed second in discus (32.32m).

Sam Willsie, of the Lord Dorchester Beavers, won the junior boys' 800 metres, in two minutes and 10.31 seconds (2:10.31) and finished third, in the 400 metres, in a clocking of 55.12 seconds..

Taylor Kana, of the East Elgin Eagles, won novice girls javelin, with a 24.68 metre throw.

Matthew Piekny, St. Joseph's, won junior boys high jump (1.65m).

Mara Kemmerling, St. Joseph's, won novice girls' long jump with a best leap of 4.60 metres.

The Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) championships, are May 12-13, at Western. The top 10 in each event advance to WOSSAA, May 19-20, also at Western.

OFSAA, the high school provincial championships, are June 2-4, at York University, in Toronto.


Top 5 at Forest City

(key: CECI - Central Elgin CI; LDSS - Lord Dorchester Secondary; PCI - Parkside)

Novice girls: Alexis Gray, PCI, 2nd, 400m (1:09.66)

Novice boys: Evan Stevens, LDSS, 2nd, javelin (40.34m); Ryan Johnson, LDSS, 2nd 1500m (4:50.58), 3rd, 800m (2:20.88); Luka Palajsa, LDSS, 2nd, high jump (1.65m).

Junior girls: - Emma Westbrook, CECI, 2nd, long jump (4.44m), 4th, 80m hurdles (14.53 sec.); Faith Mulholland, East Elgin, 2nd, discus (19.05m); Julia Devine, LDSS, 2nd, high jump (1.45m); Emily Devince, LDSS, 3rd, long jump (4.40m); Claire White, LDSS, 3rd, pole vault (2.00m); Olivia Corneil, St. Joe's, 4th, high jump (1.40m); Julia Devine, LDSS, 4th, (4.33m); Alyssa Gordon, PCI, 5th, 100m (13.63 sec.).

Junior boys: Andrew Monteith, PCI, 2nd, 1500m (4:36.53), 2nd, 800m (2:13.25); Zachary Dossantos, LDSS, 2nd, javelin (39.08m); Jayden Sargeant, PCI, 3rd, javelin (33.45m). 3rd, discus (28.21m); David Anderson, St. Joe's, 4th, shot put (10.16m); Grant Hallman, LDSS, 5th (2:23.14).

Senior boys: Vincent Moore, PCI, 2nd, 1500 (4:26.33), 3rd, 800m (2:06.8); Nabeel Haliru, LDSS, 2nd, high jump (1.65m); Justin Cole, PCI, 3rd, 1500m (4:33.69); Evan Gillies, LDSS, 3rd, pole vault (2.80m); Nate Taylor, LDSS, 4th, 1500m (4:45.56).

Senior girls: Julie Nagelhout, East Elgin, 2nd, long jump (4.71m), 5th, javelin (25.36m); Tegan Ceccanese, LDSS, 2nd, 1500m (5:13.19); Brianna Rand, LDSS, 2nd, 100m hurdles (15.85 sec.), 5th, 100m (13.14 sec.); Jadyn Luna (of Thorndale), Medway, 3rd, 100m hurdles (16.30 sec.).


Complete Forest City Mustang Invitational results


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