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WOSSAA 2023 track and field


 Beavers stand tall among big boys


   Dorchester a 1-A school third overall boys at WOSSAA track and field

   while East Elgin's Scott keeps finishes behind record breakers


May 27, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross 

LONDON, Ont. - Henry Scott is consistent. The East Elgin Eagle consistenly finishes behind a record setting performance.

That was true for Scott in his three individual events, the novice men's 100 and 200 meter sprints and long jump, at Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) track and field May 25-26 at Western University.

Scott finished second (11.38 sec.) to London Central's Nagil Asamoah's record time of 11.25 seconds in the 100 and second (23.56 sec.) again to Banting's Khaleel Miller's 200 meter time of 23.42 seconds. In long jump Scott placed third (5.64 meters), behind Asamoah, who tied the meet record 6.17 meters.

"I felt good but I feel I can do better, said Scott, not frustrated by being beat by record breakers. "I'll have to run faster."

The soft spoken Scott also anchored the Eagles' novice men's 4x100-meter relay team to fourth place, lifting the team from seventh place after receiving the baton.

"He's just really fast," said Morgan Siemens, who runs the opening leg on the relay team. "I could have had a better start and our hand-offs were a little rough, but Henry kept us in."

Scott in four events, including the relay team, with Siemans, Joey Yaw and Khana Hernandez, now prepare for the OFSAA West regional, June 2-3, at Hespeler secondary school in Cambridge.

The top five in each event at WOSSAA advance to regionals, one step away from OFSAA, the high school provincial championships, June 8-10, at the Terry Fox Complex in Ottawa.


Small yet mighty

Dorchester may be a 1-A school, but the Beavers showed they can run, jump and throw with the big schools from London, placing third overall in the boys division and winning the junior team title.

Overall the Beavers send 15 male and female athletes to regionals competing in 27 events.

"Kids buy into our program. We have a ton of talent and the kids are very supportive of each other," Dorchester coach Jen Ashby said. "We start practice as soon as we can and practice five days a week. We focus on building team spirit and support. We are continuing to use the expertise of James Tennant who is one of the top coaches in Ontario."

This year hurdles coach Will Potter joined the team that also includes coaches Alyssa Nicholls and Nigelle Dalton.

"We try to build a quality program that supports development of the athlete in a way that keeps them fit and healthy," adds Ashby. "We care about the whole person and offering kids opportunities to develop their skills."

Golden boys Fernando Medina and Devan Lucas, in the 3000 meter run and the 300-meter hurdles, respectively, led WOSSAA's number one junior team.

Lucas jumped from eighth place at the Thames Valley championships a week earlier, to a three second personal best (PB) time of 43.34 seconds, also a new school record.



"Before I found out my time and placement, I was extremely happy with how my race turned out," Lucas said. "I knew as soon as I got over that last hurdle that I was going to PB, I just didn't think it was going to be as much as it was."

Making technical adjustments at practice led to the gold and Lucas' first trip to regionals.

"The biggest point of my practice was getting my footing comfortable before I even hit the hurdle," said Lucas. "We have a great hurdle coach this year and (Potter) told me to pick a point around 10 meters before the hurdle and lengthen my strides so my footing was right at that 10 meter mark."

Medina and Ryan Johnson finished one-two in the 3000 meters.

"We had a game plan for most of race to stick together, because we feed off of each other. He wasn't feeling that good and I just wanted to go for it," Medina said. "It was a fast race. It was very warm and it took a lot of me but I kept grinding and trying to hang on for the win."

The Dorchester running duo of Medina and Johnson finished the cross country season at OFSAA and hope to repeat the feat on the track.

"He's (Ryan) pushed me a lot. Where I am today is thanks to him," Medina said. "We push each other in workouts, friendly competition. We both ran really well and hopefully we can do the same at OFSAA west."

Medina also finised third in the 1500 meter run and fourth in the 800 meters.

Johnson, in both the 1500 and 3000 meters, Luke Bradish in high jump and Evan Stevens in javelin, each took home silver medals.

Tegan Ceccanese led Dorchester's females, winning the open women's 2000 meter steeplechase by 10 seconds in a PB time of seven minutes and 44.30 seconds (7:44.30) and finishing second in the 3000 meters with another PB of 11:09.64, four seconds behind winner Machaila Wesch-Dawson.

"Steeplechase was a really strong race for me. I wasn't expecting to go out like that but I just felt good and I was having some decent barriers. I'm still not confident as much on the barriers as the actual racing, but I powered through them. With two laps left I felt like I could bring it home," Cecccanese said. "I felt it was one of my strongest races for the three K. Usually I just try to go out and qualify, but this time I tried to stick with (Wesch-Dawson). I felt strong but it did get to me in the last two laps."

A year ago Mya Steller helped Dorchester to OFSAA gold in soccer. Now the Grade 10 athlete could return to OFSAA but in another sport.

Steller won the junior women's 300-meter hurdles in a PB time of 49.51 seconds, finished third in the 80-meter hurdles (13.20 sec.) and fourth in the 200-meter dash (27.35 sec.).

"I'm really happy with the results. I'm really happy and excited that I did it this year. I've never done hurdles in my entire life (but) I've always found it fascinating," Steller said.

"It's such a mentally different sport than soccer. For track, if you mess up, it's your mistake and it's on you. You really have to lock in and forget about everyone else in the race. You have to focus on what can make you faster."


LOCAL WOSSAA results                                                   COMPLETE WOSSAA RESULTS                                                     OFSAA West 2023


East Elgin Eagles Taylor Kana was one of six athletes to break WOSSAA meet records. (More on records below)

Kana set a new mark in junior women's javelin with a throw of 39.40 meters, a few meters short of her personal best distance of 41.07.

"I was struggling today, but I got through it on my last throw. I just had in my head that I wanted to beat the record because it was beatable for me," Kana said. "I knew it was a better throw than my other ones, but it's not my PB."



Kana inspired teammate Darah Farrow to throw a PB thre times. Starting with a PB of 24.20 meters, Farrow improved to 26.03 and 27.89, before her best throw of 29.69 meters that placed her third in the competition.

"I was happy with the way I threw and I loved watching Taylor break the record," Farrow said. "She definitely pushes me to be better."

St. Joseph's Rams senior throwers David Anderson and Noah Pollnow continue to push each other in both discus and shot put with guidance from Rams' coach Greg Barker

Pollnow won silver in discus, with Anderson taking bronze, while in shot put, Anderson and Pollnow finished third and fourth, respectively.

"Last year we didn't have a throwing coach, so Greg is a huge help," Pollnow said. "I've grown a lot this year. I was using U-tube videos and trying to teach myself the form. So having Greg to show me how to do it right and learning slowly to build up. It's everything. Being more explosive and form in general."

Anderson advances to regionals as a junior in 2022, but is now a more technically improved thrower.

"Last year I didn't even do a full spin for discus, so it feels good to have real form now," Anderson said. "In shot I feel I need to get more in to it. I feel the form is there, but I'm just not going as hard as I can."

Alyssa Gordon returned to form sharing the senior women's high jump title with Raquel Scratch of London Bessette, both clearing 1.51 meters. The Parkside Stampeders had just qualified for WOSSAA, placing 10th a week earlier at TVRA.

"It was a bad week. I jumped 1.35. I couldn't do 1.40," said Gordon, a first year senior. "Everyone was asking me how OFSAA was and I was almost like embarassed to be there, because everyone was like, this girl has been to OFSAA, why can't she compete?"

At OFSAA 2022 in Toronto, Gordon finished with a PB of 1.45 meters placing 10th in the junior girls division.

"I was shocked I couldn't jump 1.40. I don't know if it just got under my nerves. Feels good to turn it around," Gordon said. "I jumped 1.51, so that's a lot better than I was expecting. That's a PB from last year. I'm excited to see where I can get to now."

Central Elgin Titans Janay Gillard took bronze in novice women's discus with throw of 22.39 meters.

"I was surprised. I couldn't believe it, Gillard said. "I wasn't sure it was going to be enough, but it feel smooth and clean."

It will be a busy meet at regionals for Thorndale's Jadyn Luna of Thorndale, with four events.

Luna was part of Medway high school's golden open women's 4x400-meter relay team, with Danielle Heard, Giuliana Marra and Maggie Alcock.

Luna also won silver in senior women's shot put, behind an incredible meet record throw from Julia Tunks, finished third in the 200 meters and fifth, in the 100-meter hurdles.


All athletes heard London Oakridge's Julia Tunks crush meet records in senior women's discus (54.21m, old mark 43.76m) and shot put (13.96, old mark 12.68m).

Celeste Lugogo also broke a pair of records. The Mother Teresa sprinter set new best times in both the novice women's 100 meters (12.55 sec.) and 200 meters (25.55 sec.).

Ryan Georgeson, of Medway high school, lowered the time for novice men's 800 meters, to 2:00.87.

Of course, Eagles' Henry Scott knows of Asamoah and Miller's records. Asmoah in the novice men's 100 meter dash and long jump and Miller in the 200 meters.



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Three Titans moving on to regionals

Senior women: Emma Westbrook, seventh, javelin, 29.06m, eighth, shot put, 8.77m, 10th, long jump, 4.42m

Senior men: Fox Gray, 400m, DNF, 200m, DNS; Cole Goodhue, 12th, triple jump, 11.35m.

Junior men: Coleton Lucio, 12th, shot put, 10.98m; Mac Ferguson, 13th, open steeplechase, 7:35.90

Novice women: Janay Gillard, third, discus, 22.39m.

Novice men: Dollan Brown, second, discus, 37.73m, ninth, shot put, 10.84m; Fletcher Taylor, third, high jump, 1.64m, seventh, long jump, 5.42m



Beavers send 15 to regionals in 27 events

Senior women: Tegan Ceccanese, first, open steeplechase, 7:44.30, second, 3000m, 11:05.71; Hannah McIntyre, second, 800m, 2:18.06; Julia Devine, fourth, high jump, 1.45m, 12th, triple jump, 9.19m; Natalie Woods, sixth, 400m hurdles, 1:13.41 (scratch advances Woods); Claire White, ninth, pole vault, 2.15m; Emily Devine, 11th, triple jump, 9.21m; Allie Humphries, 11th, 400m hurdles, 1:17.92, 13th, triple jump, 9.13m.



Senior men:  Nabeel Haliru, third, high jump, 1.80m; Sam Willsie, fourth, 400m, 51.92 sec, fourth, 400m hurdles, 1:01.61, fourth, 800m, 2:02.42; Zachary DosSantos, seventh, javelin, 37.28m; 4x100m relay team, seventh, 46.41 sec.; Ethan Kent, 10th, open steeplechase, 7:13.01; Grant Hallman, 10th, 110-m hurdles, 18.90 sec, 12th, high jump, 1.65m, 13th, 400m hurdles, 1:08.11; Jeremy Hardeman, seventh, 3000m, 10:16.92, 10th, 1500m, 4:33.38; Aaron Mills, 12th, 800m, 2:16.27; Blake Morris, 11th, 3000m, 10:58.75; Matt Lindsay, 12th, 3000m, 11:06.50.

Junior women: Mya Steller,  first, 300m hurdles, 49.51 sec., third, 80m hurdles, 13.20 sec., fourth, 200m, 27.35 sec.

 Junior men: Devan Lucas, first, 300m hurdles, 43.34 sec.; Evan Stevens, second, javelin, 49.93m, fourth, pole vault, 3.20m, seventh, 100m hurdles, 15.83 sec.; Fernando Medina, first, 3000m, 9:38.92, third, 1500m, 4:20.36, fourth, 800m, 2:07.72; Ryan Johnson, second, 3000m, 9:49.74, second, 1500m, 4:18.32; Luke Bradish, second, high jump, 1.78m, fourth, triple jump, 12.01m; Aaron Pranger, seventh, 42.07m; Tyson Lucas, eighth, 39.39; 4x100m relay team, eighth, 47.40 sec.;  Jaden Sebinagana, ninth, 400m, 56.87 sec., 13th, triple jump, 10.74m; Greyson Turner, 13th, 100m hurdles, 17.34 sec.

Novice men: Andrew Urquhart, first, shot put, 13.05m, second, javelin, 40.94m, discus, foul; Kirk Hallman, third, 3000m, 9:40.92, fourth, 1500m, 4:23.13, seventh, 800m, 2:13.21; Ryan Pranger, third, javelin, 37.46m, fifth, triple jump, 11.16m; River Neveu, sixth, triple jump, 11.08m; Andrew Shoniker, 14th, 3000m, 11:15.88.

Open men's 4x4: Beavers A, sixth, 3:43.80; Beavers B, 14th, 3:56.79.


Seven Eagles (incl. relay team) making flight to regionals.

Senior women: Alexa Shackelton, 13th, 3000m, 13:13.46

Junior women: Taylor Kana, first, javelin, 39.40 (meet record); Darah Farrow, third, javelin, 29.69m,  fifth, high jump, 1.45m, 12th, discus, 20.38m; Reece Laidlaw, ninth, discus, 21.62m.

Junior men: Keenan Friesen, fifth, high jump, 1.70m, javelin, 10th, 36.57m.

Novice women: Sophie Nagelhout, 10th, 400m, 1:06.99, ninth, 800m, 2:44.59; Ange Kloosterman, seventh, high jump, 1.40m.

Novice men: Henry Scott, second 100m, 11.38 sec, second, 200m, 23.56 sec., third, long jump, 5.64m.; Cameron Vermeer, sixth, shot put, 11.47m, fifth, discus, 33.01m; Morgan Siemans, sixth, 200m, 24.82 sec.; 4x100 relay (Scott, Siemans), fourth, 47.79 sec.; Joey Yaw, ninth, 800m, 2:19.05


Seven Stampeders to regionals.



Senior men: Zach Roberts-Neef, second, open steeplechase, 6:42.57; Andrew Monteith, 11th, 800m, 2:15.03. 

Senior women: Alyssa Gordon, gold, high jump, 1.51m, seventh, long jump, 4.62m, 12th, 100m, 13.33 sec, 4x100m relay (Gordon, Alexis Gray, Lynsey Last, Ava Goodison), ninth, 54.56 sec.; Claire Golding, 10th, triple jump, 9.08m.

 Junior men:  Merrick Rollins, first, discus, 45.70m, fifth, javelin, 42.97; Nathan Alden, fifth, long jump, 5.56m                   

 Junior women: Olivia Sutton, second, 800m, 2:31.34, eighth, 400m, 1:05.44; Alexis Gray, fifth, 400m, 1:03.76, sixth, 200m, 27.75 sec.; Audrey Ferguson, open steeplechase, seventh, 8:43.08, 13th, 1500m, 5:58.37.

Novice men: Aiden Ward, second, 100m hurdles, 15.07 sec., ninth, 100m dash, 12.15 sec, 10th, long jump, 5.05m; Connor Ward, eighth, long jump, 5.12m, 11th, triple jump, 10.37m


Ten Rams move on to regionals in 14 events.



Senior men: Matthew Piekny, first, pole vault, 4.10m, sixth, 110m hurdles, 16.99 sec., sixth, long jump, 5.33m; David Anderson, third, discus, 36.54m, third, shot put, 12.33m; Noah Pollnow, second, discus, 36.60m, fourth, shot put, 11.98m; Cullan Byrne, 11th, 400m hurdles, 1:07.12; Wes McLennan, 11th, 100m dash, 11.90 sec.; Alasdair Palmer, 13th, 11:20.60; 4x100m relay, DNF.

Senior women: Sarah Vanvelzer, ninth, javelin, 23.84m

Junior men: Donny Sachse, third, high jump, 1.75m; Ty Emre, third, 3000m, 9:55.42, eighth, 1500, 4:34.07; Shalem Hernandez, fifth, shot put, 12.65m; eighth, discus, 36.25m; Tyler Van Gorp, seventh, 300m hurdles, 44.70 sec.; ninth, 400m, 56.87 sec.; Fowler Little, ninth, 1500m, 4:36.25, ninth, 3000m, 10:29.96; Connor Crosby, sixth, 800m, 2:13.16, 10th, 1500m, 4:36.97, 10th, 3000m, 10:29.98; Joel Jensen, 800m, 12th, 2:19.87; Malek Whyte, 16th, high jump, 1.55m.

Junior women: Libby McCurdy, first, pole vault, 3.15m; Mara Kemmerling, second, 80m hurdles, 12.90 sec., 11th, 100m dash, 13.78 sec.; Promise Atkinson, fourth, pole vault, 2.35m, 12th, 300m hurdles, 55.33 sec.; Sophie DeSousa, 11th, 300m hurdles, 54.52 sec.; Brooklyn Hewitt, seventh, javelin, 24.59m, eighth, long jump, 4.42m; 4x100m relay team, ninth, 54.65 sec.

Novice women: Flourish Nmor, second, 800m, 2:28.27, fourth, 400m, 1:05.04, fifth, 300m hurdles, 51.28 sec,; Natalie Siviero, eighth, discus, 20.62m, 12th, 7.72m; Claire Caslick, 11th, 1500m, 5:39.56, 13th, 300m hurdles, 58.69; Callie Crow, 15th, 400m, 1:10.40; Braya Didyk, 14th, shot put, 7.36m

Novice men: Luke McKillop, 14th, 1500m, 4:56.25.


Senior men: Dan Barnes, 10th, 3000m, 10:56.40.


Novice men: Noah Baron, 11th, discus, 23.77m; ninth, javelin, 30.26m.

Senior women: Bella Eckert, 12th, javelin, 22.17m

Junior men: Johnny Kemp, ninth, high jump, 1.70m; Ryan Penney, 12th, 3000m, 11:06.44


    Athletes at other schools

Luna will be busy with four events at regionals.

Senior women: Jadyn Luna (Medway),  second, shot put, 11.04m, third, 200m, 26.37 sec., fifth, 100m hurdles, 15.63 sec.; first, open girls 4x400m relay (with Danielle Heard, Maggie Alcock, Giuliana Marra), 4:09.71; Sydney Vandenberg (Aquinas), eighth, 100m dash, 13.33 sec., 11th, 100m hurdles, 17.81 sec.

Senior men: Spencer Vandenberg (Aquinas), second, 400m hurdles, 1:01.42, third, 110m hurdles, 15.87 sec.; Carter Froggett (Medway), fourth, javelin, 43.19m.

 Novice women: Aiyana John (London South), second, high jump, 1.51m; second, 80m hurdles, 13.05 sec, seventh, long jump, 4.58m.







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