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WOSSAA 2022 track & field

 Multiple WOSSAA golden moments


   Parkside senior boys captures team title at the track and field championships

   while Lord Dorchester advance 20 athletes to OFSAA West regionals


May 21, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross 

LONDON, Ont. - Tie-breakers deciding two gold medals. One athlete sweeping the throws medals. A pair of brothers splitting gold medals, before sharing one and four local athletes, each champions of two events.

Memories and many highlights were created at this year's Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) track and field championships, May 19-20, at Western University.

The Parkside Stampeders are the senior boys team champions. However, sprinter Ethan Dolby, middle distance runners Mason Basson and Vincent Moore, steeplechasers

Justin Cole and Zachary Roberts-Neef and thrower Alistair Maciver, didn't get to celebrate together at the meet.

A miscount gave London Oakridge the award on site, until the error was realized later in the evening.

The top five in each event at WOSSAA, advance to the OFSAA West regional, at Sandwich secondary school, in LaSalle, May 27-28.


REGIONAL QUALIFIERS                                                                     COMPLETE RESULTS


Parkside's Merrick Rollins completed a sweep of the novice men's throwing events, by winning discus (41.77 metres) on day two, after taking javelin (46.51m) and shot put (11.00m) on day one.

Shot put gold was decided on a tie-breaker, as Damian Wong, also threw 11 metres. Rollins' next best effort of 10.92 metres gave him the title, but only by three centimetres.

Rollins and five other throwers, Parkside teammates Jayden Sargeant and Alistair MacIver and East Elgin Eagles Julie Nagelhout, Taylor Kana, Dustin Farrow coached by the "Bob Ross of throwing", advanced to regionals. More at Rollins adds to golden collection.


Basson won the senior men's 800-metre run in one minute and 58.53 seconds (1:58.53) and the 400 metre dash (52.29 seconds).

Dolby is the king of both the 100 (11.43 seconds) and 200 metre (23.73 sec.) sprints.

St. Joseph's Dylen Belanger dominated both senior men's hurdles events, winning the 400-metre by seven seconds, in 56.19 seconds, and the 110-metre, by over a second, finishing in 14.23 seconds.

The Coles brothers, Aiden and Tristan, of St. Joe's, along with London Central's Heath McAllister, were the class of the senior men's 1500 and 3000 metre runs. The trio train together at London-Western club. The Coles are headed to Iona College, in New York state this fall.

Aiden won the 1500 in 3:51.04, with McAllister (3:53.90) and Tristan (3:54.27), following in second and third place, respectively, 13 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

In the 3000, with the trio finishing 25 seconds before all other runners, Tristan took the gold in 8:52.28, with McAllister (8:58.55) and Aiden (8:58.56), not too far behind.

The Coles then joined forces with the Belanger twins, Harrison and Aiden, to win the men's 4x400-metre relay race, by nearly seconds in 3:39.21. Parkside, with Cole,

Roberts-Neef, Moore and Basson, who almost gave the team silver closing a huge gap on his leg, finished third (3:37.11), behind London Banting (3:37.03)

Tristan is aiming to make up for lost time, along with Basson and Thorndale's Jaydyn Luna, at Making up for lost time.


Dorchester's Brianna Rand, won senior women's triple jump (11.22 metres) and the 100-metre hurdles (15.30 seconds) and finished second in the 400-metre hurdles (1:09.99).

Julie Nagelhout, of East Elgin Secondary, won senior women's javelin (31.81m) and placed second in long jump, on a second tie-breaker.

Nagelhout and Deng Nyechuor, of London John Paul II, not only both had the best jump of the competition, at 5.01 metres, but both their second best distances was 4.96 metres. Nyechuor earned the gold on her third best jump of 4.95 metres, two centimetres more than Nagelhout's effort.

Mara Kemmerling, of St. Joe's, won novice the women's 80-metre hurdles (13.74 sec), placed third in the 100-metre dash (13.75 sec.) and fourth, in long jump (4.42m).

Dorchester's Ryan Johnson won the novice men's 3000 metres (10:54.05). Parkside's Andrew Monteith won the junior men's 800 metres (2:05.79).

Libby McCurdy, of St. Joe's, leaped 2.38 metres to win novice women's pole vault.

Parkside's Alyssa Gordon cleared 1.48 metres winning junior women's high jump.

Jadyn Luna, a Thorndale resident, who attends Medway high school, won senior women's shot put (10.19m) and placed fourth in javelin.

The most unusual event at a track meet has to be the steeplechase. Catch steeplechasers Cole, Roberts-Neef and Dorchester's Adam McDonald and Nathan Taylor, at A splash at the track.

From regionals, the top four from each event, move on to the OFSAA championships are June 2-4, at York University, in Toronto.


Julia Tunks, of London Banting, smashed the junior women's discus record with a throw of 51.26 metres, over twice the distance than second place in the competition.



Tunks is knocking on the door of breaking the Canadian Interscholastic record of 52.77 metres. The WOSSAA mark was 36.65 metres and the OFSAA record is 45.16 metres.

Tunks added almost a full metre on to the WOSSAA record, in junior women's shot put, winning with a throw of 13.94 metres. Former Banting student Adele St. John held the record at 13.04 metres.

Julia is the daughter of Olympian Jason Tunks.

Francis Hinnah, of London Banting, lowered the WOSSAA novice men's 400-metre dash record time to 52.15 seconds, down from 52.39, set by Mitchell's Cody Pauli, in 2013. Hinnah also won the novice men's 100 and 200 metre dashes. 


More images on Instagram: hometownplay







Junior women: Emma Westbrook, 4th, shot put (8.90m), 4th, 80m hurdles (13.71 sec.), 5th, long jump (4.46m)

Novice men: Coleton Lucio, 8th, shot put (9.80m)



20 Beavers, including one relay team, will be spotted at regionals.



Senior women: Brianna Rand, 1st, 100m hurdles (15.30 sec.), 1st, triple jump (11.22m), 2nd, 400m hurdles (1:09.99); Tegan Ceccanese, 3rd, 1500m (5:13.12), 4th, 3000m (11:35.85); Hannah Freer, 4th, discus, (25.83m), 7th, shot put (8.47m); Mackenzie Latimer, 5th, pole vault (2.40m); Olivia Dettloff, 8th, discus (20.36m), 12th, shot put (7.76m );  Allie Humphries, 9th, 400m hurdles (1:219.92)  Senior men:  Evan Gillies, 4th, pole vault (3.00m); Nabeel Haliru, 6th, high jump (1.70m), 7th, triple jump (11.09m);  Ethan Kent, 9th, 400m hurdles (1:12.15); Nate Taylor, 10th, 800m (2:14.00); Adam McDonald, 11th, 400m hurdles (1:16.61); Owen Doherty, 400m hurdles, DNS

Junior men: Sam Willsie, 2nd, 800m (2:07.59); 3rd, 1500m (4:33.99), 4th, 400m (54.15 sec.); Zachary Dos Santos, 2nd, javelin (34.94m); Tyson Currah, 5th, 300m hurdles (46.16 sec.), 11th, 400m (57.68 sec.); Brayden Smith, 5th, triple jump (11.14m), 400m, DNF; Darwin Moradel, 6th, discus (28.45m); ; Grant Hallman, 8th, 1500m (4:49.45), 13th, 800m (2:27.18); Darwin Moradel, 8th, shot put (9.04m); 4x100m relay team (Hallman, Smith, Aaron Pranger, Dos Santos), 13th (50.72 sec.) Junior women: Claire White, 2nd, pole vault (2.15m); Julia Devine, 5th, high jump (1.35m), 6th, shot put (7.92m)

Open men: Nate Taylor, 5th, 2000m steeplechase (7:05.6), 4x400m relay team (Currrah, Stevens, Willsie, Smith), 8th (3:49.37); Adam McDonald, 12th, 2000m steeplechase (7:57.8)

Novice men: Ryan Johnson, 1st, 3000m (10:54.05), 4th, 1500m (4:41.91); Evan Stevens, 2nd, javelin (41.82m), 6th, 200m (26.11 sec.), 9th, 100m (12.67 sec.); 4x100m relay team (Cole Schindler, Luke Bradish, Devon Lucas, Stevens), 3rd, (49.74 sec.); Aaron Pranger, 4th, javelin (35.50 sec.); Luke Bradish, 9th, javelin (26.80m); Cole Schindler, 14th, shot put (8.82m) Novice women: Jessica Latimer, 6th, javelin (19.58m), 14th, shot put (7.06m)


Five Eagles are moving on to regionals.

Senior women: Julie Nagelhout, 1st, javelin (31.81m), 2nd, long jump (5.01m), 6th, 100m (13.48 sec.); 4x100m relay team, 8th (55.74 sec.)  Senior men: Dustin Farrow, 3rd, javelin (43.55m); Reid Lester, 13th, 800m (2:19.66)  Junior women: Faith Muholland, 7th, discus (19.18m), shot put, DNS;  Alexa Shackelton, 4th, 3000m (13:45.83), 12th, 1500m (6:18.87); Ashley Bergen, 7th, 3000m (13:51.79), 13th, 1500m (6:19.42)  Junior men: Sean Awde, 11th, 3000m (11:53.79)  Novice women: Taylor Kana, 1st, javelin (29.58m); Emily Froese, 5th, triple jump (8.96m); Carly Arthur, 10th, triple jump (8.29m)


13 Stampeders, including the open men's 4x4 and senior women's 4x1 relay teams, are riding off to regionals.



Senior men: Ethan Dolby, 1st, 200m (23.73 sec.), 1st, 100m (12.03 sec.); Mason Basson, 1st, 400m (52.29 sec.), 1st, 800m (1:58.53), 6th, 1500m (4:15.86); Vincent Moore, 2nd, 400m (53.25 sec.), 800m (1:59.48); Justin Cole, 3rd, 400m hurdles (1:03.95); Alistair Maciver, 5th, discus (32.50m)  Senior women: 4x100m relay team, 5th (Paige Gocan, Alyssa Gordon, Kaitlyn Pinnegar, Lynsey Last) 54.34 sec.; Paige Gocan, 8th, 100m (13.80 sec.), 8th, long jump (9.67m); Allison Young, 15th, 1500m (7:07.7); Lynsey Last, 400m, DNF

 Junior men:  Andrew Monteith, 1st, 800 (2:05.79), 3rd, 3000m (10:28.11), 3rd, 1500m (4:32.40); Jayden Sargeant, 3rd, discus (35.37m), 5th, javelin (29.59m), 5th, shot put (10.09m)                          Junior women: Alyssa Gordon, 1st, high jump (1.48m), 10th, 100m (14.01 sec.)

Novice men: Merrick Rollins, first, shot put (11.00m), 1st, javelin (46.51m), 1st, discus (41.77m); Nathan Alden, 10th, long jump (4.53m)  Novice women: Alexis Gray, 5th, 400m (1:06.53), 9th, 200m (31.10 sec.); Emily Froese, 7th, triple jump (9.13m); Carly Arthur, 15th, triple jump (8.09m); Emery Neusteter, 16th, triple jump (7.99m)

Open men: Justin Cole, 2nd, 2000m steeplechase (6:55.61); Zac Roberts-Neef, 3rd, 2000m steeplechase (6:59.59); 4x400m relay team, 3rd (Basson, Moore, Cole, Roberts-Neef) 3:37.11;


The Rams advance 15 athletes to regionals, including the open men's 4x4 and novice women's 4x1 relay teams.



Senior men: Dylen Belanger, 1st, 400m hurdles (56.19 sec.), 1st, 110m hurdles (14.23 sec.), Aiden Coles, 1st, 1500m (3:51.04), 3rd, 3000m (8:58.56); Tristan Coles, 1st, 3000m (8:52.28), 3rd, 1500m (3:54.27); Harrison Belanger, 5th, 800m (2:03.71); Noah Pollnow, 7th, shot put (11.16m), 9th, discus (29.27m); Dayne Walcarius, 7th, pole vault (2.45m); Wes McLennan, 7th, 100m (11.72 sec.) Senior women: Claireese Coffey, 2nd, triple jump (10.41 sec.), 7th, long jump (4.74m); Tai Novak, 7th, high jump (1.40m)

Junior men: David Anderson,  2nd, shot put (11.52m), 5th, discus (32.73m); Matthew Piekny, 5th, high jump (1.70m), 13th, 400m (59.70); Jayden McMullen, 4th, 3000m (10:32.76); Logan De Leeuw, 14th, 3000m (12:22.00)  Junior women: Olivia Corneil, 3rd, high jump (1.45m), 14th, 400m (1:13.52), 14th, long jump (3.90m)

Open men: 4x400m relay team (Coles, Coles, Belanger, Belanger), 1st (3:29.21); Jayden McMullan, 7th, 2000m steeplechase (7:18.70)

Novice women: Mara Kemmerling, 1st, 80m hurdles (13.74 sec.); 3rd, 100m (13.75 sec.), 4th, long jump (4.42m), Libby McCurdy, 1st, pole vault (2.38m), 9th, long jump (4.21m); Brooklyn Hewitt, 5th, javelin (21.34m); 4x100m relay team (Kemmerling, McCurdy, Clair Sandham, Sophia De Sousa), 4th (55.98 sec.); Promise Atkinson, 6th, 300m hurdles (54.86 sec.); Clair Sandham, 11th, 400m (1:09.76) Novice men: Shalem Hernandez, 3rd, shot put (10.73m), 6th, discus (28.21m), 10th, javelin (26.34m); Tyler Van Gorp, 4th, 300m hurdles (47.03 sec.); Fowler Little, 5th, 3000m (11:09.96); Ty Emre, 7th, 3000m (11:39.);  Lucas Skirtschak, 7th, 800m (2:22,36), 8th, 400m hurdles (2:28.72); AJ Bernadas, 8th, javelin (29.07m); Lucca Bianchi, 8th, 100m hurdles (18.26 sec.); Alex Vachon, 9th, 300m hurdles (51.75 sec.); Conner Crosby, 9th, 3000m (12:08.87); Liam Lester, 10th, 100m hurdles (19:47 sec.)


Junior women: Fionna Campbell, 12th, long jump (4.06m)


Novice men: Adrian Baran, 11th, discus (24.42m), 11th, javelin (25.90m), 16th shot put (8.26m); Johnny Kemp, 14th, long jump (4.48m); Quinn Holmes, 13th, triple jump (9.52m); Griffin Rowley, 14th, 3000m (12:57.66) Junior women: Reegan Eberle, 8th, javelin (17.76m), 9th, discus (18.00m), 13th, shot put (6.40m) senior women: Bella Eckert, 7th, javelin (24.70m), 16th, discus (16.04m)


    MEDWAY (Thorndale residents)

Senior women: Jadyn Luna, 1st, shot put (10.19m), 4th, javelin, (26.74m); 100m hurdles, DNF