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Kana OFSAA bronze for javelin

Kana throws javelin to OFSAA bronze

 The East Elgin Eagle has a PB of 33.85 metres in the novice women's event


    June 2, 2022


team width= East Elgin Eagles Taylor Kana won a bronze medal in novice women's javelin, at the OFSAA track and field championships, at York University, June 2, in Toronto. (photo / Spectro Photography)

By Rob J. Ross 

TORONTO, Ont. - Taylor Kana has been throwing out base runners for a number of years playing fast pitch.

Now the Grade nine student, at East Elgin Secondary school, has thrown out a medal winning throw in javelin, at the OFSAA track and field championships, at York University, June 2.

Kana won the bronze medal, in novice women's javelin, with a personal best (PB) effort of 33.85 metres, on day one of the high school provincial meet.

"I was really hoping it was over 30. It felt like a good throw, but I didn't think it went that far, but then I was really happy," Kana said. "I was glad to make it there (OFSAA), but I was more glad to beat my personal best."

Kaitlyn Pepper, of Tecumseh Vista Academy, had the golden throw of 34.61 metres.

Kana was more comfortable throwing the javelin, than she was standing on the podium receiving her medal.

"It was kind of embarrassing to be honest, because everybody was just looking at us," Kana said.

Coming to OFSAA was an opener for Kana, who lives in Springfield, with her parents, Dustin and Tammy, and three siblings, including twin brother, Tyson.

"I was really shocked on how many people were there. I didn't expect that many people," Kana said. "I was really nervous in warm-ups, because they were all throwing over 30 (metres), so I knew I had to have a big throw."

Kana won at TVRA, WOSSAA and placed fourth at regionals.

"When I started, I didn't think I'd be at OFSAA, but I worked at it a lot," Kana said. "I'm happy that I got there."

For the summer, Kana will be behind the plate for the D1 Nationals U15 team, back to throwing out runners attempting to steal bases.

Other results

Five other athletes from Elgin County, competed on day one of the three day provincial meet.

Brothers Tristan and Aiden Coles, of St. Joe's, both qualified for the senior men's 1500-metre run, with times of three minutes and 55.18 seconds (3:55.18) and 3:57.87, respectively.

Andrew Monteith, of Parkside Collegiate, qualified for the junior men's 1500-metre final, scheduled for Friday, with a time of four minutes and 10.41 seconds (4:10.41).

Parkside's Mason Basson placed 16th, in the senior men's 400-metre dash (51.50 seconds).

Jayden Sargeant, of Parkside, was 17th, in junior men's discus (33.31m).