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Roth, Coles advance to National finals

Trio eye top of podium at Canadians

Runners Michael Roth, brothers Tristan and Aiden, advance to respective race finals


    June 24, 2022


team width= Ea, at Athletics Canada track and field championships, at McLeod Athletic Park, in Langley, B.C. (photo / ##)

By Rob J. Ross 

LANGLEY, B.C. - Mike Roth and the Coles brothers, Tristan and Aiden, will be going for gold.

The three runners from St. Thomas, advanced to their respective race finals, at the Canadian track and field championships, today, at McLeod Athletic Park.

Roth advanced to the senior men's 400-metre final, with the third fastest qualifying time, at 47.92 seconds, in the prelims this afternoon.

"It feels pretty good. I think I ran pretty relaxed and didn't really have to push that much," said Roth, who trains with St. Thomas Legion Club. "I'm pretty excited and am happy I get to compete in the final."

The final is Saturday, at 9:57 p.m. eastern time.

"Definitely a 46 of some kind," said Roth, on a time for a podium appearance. "Might take a 45 (seconds) to win it. Definitely think I can do it, but got to run 100 per cent to get it."

Last summer, Roth competed in the 400 and the 200-metre dash, at junior worlds, held in Kenya.

This year's U20 world championships, are in Cali, Columbia, in August.

That is a goal for the Coles.

Both brothers advanced to the U20 men's 1500 metre final.

Aiden checked in at just over four minutes (4:00.34), in his heat, behind Matti Erickson, of Kootenay (4:00.09).
"I was able to get that automatic spot in the final using as little energy as possible," Aiden said. "Right behind Erickson which was where I wanted to be in the race so it felt amazing."

Tristan also grabbed an automatic spot, finishing in 4:00.67.

"I've never felt better in a semi final and never been so confident that I can win a national title," said Tristan. "Very relaxed in the semi final with a very smooth 57 in the last lap for four minutes."

Now likely the biggest race for the brothers is on the horizon, scheduled for Saturday, at 2:50 p.m. eastern time.

"I think it will take a very good performance to make that podium, however at this point all I'm focused on is the top of the podium," said Tristan. "I really want to show what I can do, and I finally know what I'm capable of. Whereas in the past I wasn't as confident in my ability. I think it will be a very fun race to watch and especially to be in."

Three Ontario rivals clocked in with the fastest qualifying times. Tennessee Tremain, of Guelph, led the field with a 3:57.37, followed by Riley Flemington, of Oakville, at 3:56.41 and Jude Wheeler-Dee, from Kingston, at 3:56.76.

"I believe it will take a very similar race as OFSAA to make the podium," said Aiden, who finished second at OFSAA in the 800, to Flemington, earlier this month, in Toronto. "Although this time I am ready for a fast last lap or a fast race from the gun. I believe that mentally and physically I am capable of winning it all and I will put forth my best effort to do so."

Aiden enters the race having already attained the junior world standard for the 1500, an accomplishment reached a week ago at a meet in Hamilton.

"Knowing that the World Championships in Columbia are on the line definitely adds another factor to the race," said Aiden. "Although I will just be gunning for the win regardless of who has the standard and who doesn't have the standard."

Hallee Knelsen, of Malahide, has an U20 800-metre prelim race, Saturday, at 10 p.m. eastern time.