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Beavers 2-0 on OFSAA day one

 Beavers win twice at OFSAA soccer


   Dorchester goes 2-0 with Annika Nolte scoring seven goal in 7-3 and 4-0 wins,   

   on day one of the three day provincial championship


  June 2, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

WINDSOR, Ont. - It was a good start for the Dorchester Beavers at OFSAA.

The Beavers won both games on day one of the single-A girls soccer provincial championship, defeating Sudbury L'Horizon, 7-3, before blanking host Windsor Lajeunesse, 4-0.

"A good start for sure," Dorchester coach Andreas Nolte said. "Our first opponent we were really nervous. We did not play the way we play, which is fine, the girls gutted it out. It was a good opening game for the girls to get used to the OFSAA environment."

The Beavers jumped out to a 3-0 lead, before L'Horizon's striker Kiara Levar scored two of her three goals, making it a 3-2 game. Then Dorchester took over, with Annika Nolte finishing with four goals and Madie Benjamin, three.

Annika Nolte had three more goals and Mya Stellar one, chipping in a cross from Nolte, as the Beavers did their best, at not only silencing the Lajeunesse team on home turf, but their fans as well.

"They (Lajeunesse) were a quality team," coach Nolte said. "We saw they were playing three in the back, so we made a choice that we would defend more, but look to counter off of that defending, because we feel our three up front are three of the best attackers out there. We created glorious scoring chances.

Kayle Smith, usually not a keeper, made a few tough saves, earning the shutout, at her first OFSAA.

"I've never been before so it's been a good experience. I was very nervous the first game, but I was a lot better this game," Smith said. "Our defence did really well today. We had a lot of communication, so that helped me out a lot. I could see where the ball is at all times."

Annika Nolte, Leiha Hunt and Claudia Zavitz came in to the tournament, the only players with OFSAA experience, with the team when the Beavers placed fourth in 2019. That year, Dorchester had a pair of ties on day one.

Annika noticed some of her younger teammates were anxious prior to game one.

"They were definitely nervous. I know my sister was nervous," laughed Annika. "The first game we came out aggressive and strong in the first 10 minutes. We played off nerves a little bit."

On day two, Dorchester plays Cambridge Pere de Rene de Galinee (1-1), at 9 a.m. and Oakville Sainte-Trinitie, also 2-0, at non, to complete pool play.

Winning one of the two games will advance the Beavers to the quarterfinals Friday evening.

"That first game is really important to set the tone for the rest of the day. If you win that, you know you're playing (a quarterfinal) and we can give girls more rest," coach Nolte said. "It's about keeping focused. Hopefully we got the jitters out of the way and we have a job to do. We'll make sure we take care of our end and usually the game takes care of itself."



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