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Pink and Smith double gold medalists

 Double gold for Dorchester freshmen


   Owen Pink wins the midget men's 1500 and 3000 metre races at TVRA track

      while Nolan Smith lands in top spot for midget men's long and triple jumps


Friday, May 17, 2018

Pink and Erb during the 3000 Dorchester's Owen Pink (504) and Connor Erb, during the midget men's 3000 metres, at the TVRA track and field championships, at TD Stadium. Erb won the race, followed by Erb in second place. (photo / Rob Ross)

By Rob J. Ross 

LONDON, ON. - Nolan Smith and Owen Pink picked opportune times to capture their first ever gold medals.

The Lord Dorchester athletes each won two events, at the two day Thames Valley Regional Athletics track and field (TVRA) track and field championships, concluding today, at TD Stadium.

Smith leaped to winning distances in midget men's long jump (5.68 metres) and triple jump (11.82m), while Pink won both the midget men's 1500 (4:30.72) and 3000 metres (10:01.03.

"It's crazy. I never expected it. I've been doing (jumps) since grade six and they are my best events, but I never even got close to first before," said Smith. "I didn't even think I would be joining the track team. All of my friends were joining and I haven't been in a club before and I wanted to get to know more people."

Thanks to two gold medals, along with seventh place finish in the midget men's 200 metre final, the competition now knows Smith.

"I set both my PBs by about 60 centimetres. It's a really big improvement for me. Before I wasn't doing the reach and just reaching forward gained me so much more," said Smith, who credits Dorchester coach James Tennant, for helping increase his distance. "He's an amazing coach."

Teammate Ben Langstaff was second in long jump (5.63m) and fifth, in triple jump (10.72m).

"Nolan's triple is in good shape and so is his long jump, but when he is in the hang position he isn't reaching forward enough so his feet are not together on landing and he isn't maximizing his distances. He should be able to reach 12 metres with a better finish," said Tennant. "I'm pleased with Nolan and Ben. "They have had a terrible spring for practising due to the weather, so where they are now is great. Better distances are coming."

It was a LDSS duel on the track as Pink ran alongside teammate Connor Erb in both races, before using his stronger kick over the final 400 metes.

"I was just looking to make WOSSAA. It's the first time I've ever won at a track meet. In elementary school I never won," Pink said. "I wasn't expecting it, but having Connor there was a big help."

Erb, who competed at OFSAA cross country in November, finished second, in the 3000 metres (10:07.99) and third in the 1500 (4:30.72).

"I feel happy for him. It's amazing for him to come first on back to back days," said Erb, who could only shake his head and laugh at Pink's incredible finish.  "Owen and I took turns leading, but he has the better speed at the end. He takes off and I'm like, well, alright, I can't keep up! He just has that kick at the end."

Tennant instructing Nolan Dorchester coach James Tennant instructs Nolan Smith on proper technique during his jumps. Nolan leaped to a gold medal in both the midget men's triple and long jumps, at the TVRA track and field championships.  (photo / Rob Ross)

Pink also points to LDSS coach Tennant for his success.

"Mr. Tennant is a great coach and we walked through the strategy of the race. I just listen to him. Go hard at the last lap and get the job done."

Tennant says both runners have been learning race strategies that vary race to race.

"Owen and Connor are very impressive. I'm very pleased with their dedication and they are very good competitors," said Tennant.

"This past week it was hot and we knew our competition, so it was more about learning how to relax and run within themselves. If they make it to OFSAA West, the strategies will change. They are learning, which is what I want."

Pink and Erb agree they're becoming better runners training together.

"We push each other at practice and it's a lot of fun at races," said Erb.



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