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Valley XC finals 2023

 Gustavson back to back X-C champion


   Southwold runner wins junior girls race while Dutton-Dunwich's Holden McKillop

   takes novice boys gold at Valley elementary school cross country championships



  October 24, 2022


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By Rob. J Ross

LONDON, Ont. - Back to back.

Brooke Gustavson accomplished the rare feat of capturing consecutive Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) elementary cross country championship titles, by winning the junior girls (10-year olds) race, at Valley finals, October 17, at Fanshawe Park.

A year ago, the Southwold Cougar from Talbotville won the bantam division. The meet was cancelled in 2021, the novice year for Gustavson.

"It felt really good. I won it by more than last year," said Gustavson, who was cheered on by her teammates from the St. Thomas Jr. Stars U11 hockey team. "I had a good start and I kept my pace all throughout the race."

Gustavson credits Southwold coach Andrew Monteith, for strategy advice and tips on attacking hills.

Now with cross country over, Gustavson returns to the ice, where she had nine goals in the Jr. Stars' first seven games and helped the team win a tournament Oct 22 in St. Thomas.

Holden McKillop, from Dutton-Dunwich, won the novice boys (eight-year olds) race, leading the Dynamos to the team title, with Joey Leitch, who placed 10th, Ryan Goncalves and Cooper Vergeer.

Runners representing schools from Elgin County and Dorchester-Thames Centre had 18 top 10 results, 11 in the top five.

Fransz Borsboom finished second in open boys, to lead the Southwold Cougars to the team title with Alex Lackey, Ben McCoubrey and Jack Moore.

Wyatt Mason of Mitchell Hepburn, took home silver from the intermediate boys race.

Makayla Varallo of West Nissouri was third in senior girls, while teammate Elliott Hudson placed fourth in senior boys.

Curtis Willick of Northdale Central was fourth in open boys, with teammate Alex Del Bel Belluz, finishing fifth in intermediate girls.

Brooklyn Samko of Northdale Central, was fifth in bantam girls.

New Sarum Huskies Brenden Stright won the Special Olympics boys race, while West Nissouri's Talia Coghlin finished third in the girls race.

Tyler Del Bel Belluz finished ninth in bantam boys, leading Northdale Central to third in the team standings, with Colton Clark, Cole Grayson and Andrew Howey.

The West Nissouri Wildfire placed third in intermediate boys, with Jagger Smith, Charles Coppins, Arius Michalczyk and Liam Wakem.


Top 10 (top 3 teams)

Novice boys (1.5-km)
1. Holden McKillop (Dutton Dunwich)
2. Walker Warren (Valleyview)
3. Nolan Murray (Royal Roads)
4. Jeremy Goodwin (Parkview)
5. Perry Goodale (Byron Somerset)
6. Zian Chin (John Dearness)
7. Isaac Aston (Delaware)
8. Timothy Sunstrum (John Dearness)
9. Talan Belaen (Westfield)
10. Joey Leitch (Dutton Dunwich)
1. Byron Somerset
2. Dunwich Dutton
3. Royal Roads
Bantam boys (1.5-km
1. Hutson Warren (Harrisfield)
2. Jayden James (Northridge)
3. Aleksander Jeziorek (Parkview)
4. Carter Tyron (Wortley Road)
5. Adam wells (Algonqin)
6. Dean Bayley (Oxbow)
7. Bryson Bendig (Strathroy Christian)
8. Adam Wocks (West Nissouri)
9. Zachary Dobb (Northdale Central)
10. Austin Partridge (JS Buchanan)
1. Riverside
2. Oxbow
3. Northdale Central

Junior boys (2-km)
1. Aleksander Jeziorek (Emily Carr)
2. Hutson Warren (Valleyview)
3. Kieran Lincoln (Caradoc North)
4. Theo Keller (Louise Arbour)
5. Amir Ghotmeh (Sir Isaac Brock)
6. Matt Sidler (Westmount)
7. Omar Youssef (Sir Isaac Brock)
8. Blake McEachnie (Cedar Hollow)
9. Atlas Power (Masonville)
10. Dean Bayley (John Dearness)
1. Sir Isaac Brock
2. Parkview
3. West Nissouri
Intermediate boys (2-km)
1. Miles Girotti (Parkview)
2. Wyatt Mason (Mitchell Hepburn)
3. Mason Back (John Dearness)
4. Luka Ledvinka-Richardson (Tecumseh)
5. Ben Sontag (Northridge)
6. David Asafo-Adjei (Stoney Creek)
7. Messer Doan (Byron Southwood)
8. Nate DiCenzo (Hickson)
9. Jasper House (Oliver Stephens)
10. Malik Soufan (Byron Somerset)
1. Parkview
2. Lambeth
3. Jack Chambers
Senior boys (2.5-km)
1. n/a (Byron Northview)
2. Dylan Evanitski(Wilfrid Jury)
3. Tomas Liska-Gardiner (Princess Elizabeth)
4. Elliot Hudson (West Nissouri)
5. Nas Okersee (Kettle Creek)
6. Dennis Walsh (Stoneybrook)
7. Eli Slusarczyk (Algonqion)
8. Kaelan Howard (Harrisfield)
9. George Pletch (Lord Roberts)
10. Easton Mastrandrea (Parkview)
1. Stoneybrook
2. Byron Northview
3. Algonqion
Open boys (2.5-km)
1. Braiden Gonzalez (Delaware)
2. Fransz Borsboom (Southwold)
3. Ben Vanderveen (Orchard Park)
4. Curtis Willick (Northdale Central)
5. Nehan Jayalath (Sir Arthur Currie)
6. Jack Rice (John Wise)
7. Connor Campbell (Ekcoe)
8. Logan Moore (Strathroy Christian)
9. Kayden Martin (Locke's)
10. William Sidler (Westmount)
1. Southwold
2. Byron Somerset
3. Stoney Creek
Special Olympics 
1. Maddie Pullar (Knollwood)
2. Trinity Mather (Arthur Ford)
3. Talia Coghlin (West Nissouri)
4. Selena Mather (Arthur Ford)
5. Hosanna Negussie (Ashley Oaks)
1. Brenden Stright (New Sarum)
2. Kiptyn Wilkinson (Arthur Ford)
3. Henry Semenuk (Mary Wright)
4. Shayne Micks (Mary Wright)
5. Lukas Vanderloo (East Williams) 
Novice girls (1.5-km)
1. Bonnie Lincoln (Caradoc North)
2. Claire Hartman (John Dearness)
3. Ashley Kunder (Oxbow)
4. Rowie Givard (AJ Baker)
5. Beatrice Thompson (Old North)
6. Campbell Reid (Blenheim)
7. Ava Rusin (South Dorchester)
8. Brooklyn Lambert (Cedar Hollow)
9. Makenna Dew (Emily Carr)
10. Kinsley WF (Stoneybrook)
1. Old North
2. Kensal Park
3. John Dearness
Bantam girls (1.5-km)
1. Henley Brimmell (Clara Brenton)
2. Vienna Biskabon (Stoney Creek)
3. Evie Lynch (Clara Brenton)
4. Sadie Howley (Strathroy Christian)
5. Brooklyn Samko (Northdale Central)
6. Elyse Sidler (Westmount)
7. Lilly Campbell (Glen Cairn)
8. Lily Averill (Jack Chambers)
9. Maraya Schipper (Strathroy Christian)
10. Bryn Fink (Westfield)
1. Stoney Creek
2. Clara Brenton
3. Strathroy Community Christian
Junior girls (2-km)
1. Brooke Gustavson (Southwold)
2. Emerson Phillips (Stoney Creek)
3. Peyton Lang (Stoneybrook)
4. Lydia Weaver (Harrisfield)
5. Emma Smith (North Meadows)
6. Winnie Williams (Oxbow)
7. Gwen Kottelenberg (Lord Roberts)
8. Naomi Machado (Aldborough)
9. Hanna Nelson (Hickson)
10. Camryn Fry (Byron Sommerset)
1. Harrisfield
2. Buchanan
3. Stoney Creek
Intermediate girls (2-km)
1. Kacee Vandenbroek (Mountsfield)
2. Paisley Kerr (Oxbow)
3. Mackenzie Thibault (Byron Somerset)
4. Molly Butler (John Dearness)
5. Alex Del Bel Belluz (Northdale Central)
6. Colbie Yamashita (John Dearness)
7. Cecilia Saarloos (Immanuel Christian)
8. Elizabeth Wade (Northridge)
9. Sonia Alexander (Northridge)
10. Olivia Hurst (Stoney Creek)
1. John Dearness
2. Oxbow
3. Byron Somerset
Senior girls (2.5-km)
1. Bellamy Lee (Old North)
2. Tansey Li (Jack Chambers)
3. Makayla Varallo (West Nissouri)
4. Emma Boucher (North Meadows)
5. Kingsley Collins (Oxbow)
6. Haley Mann (JS Buchanan)
7. Millie Gwalchmai (McGillvary)
8. Lucie Davis (Stoney Creek)
9. n/a (Byron Somerset)
10. Sarah Butchart (Masonville)
1. Old North
2. Parkview
3. LB Pearson
Open girls (2.5-km)
1. Siena Naisbitt (Orchard Park)
2. Hallie Turpin (Zorra Highland)
3. Kara Emmons (Mary Wright)
4. Natalie Sutherland (Eastdale)
5. Charlotte Norman (Louise Arbour)
6. Samantha DeMars (Mary Wright)
7. Morgan Long (Annadale)
8. Claire Rowe (Byron Southwood)
9. Evi Zirtilides (Northridge)
10. Charlotte Hines (Stoneybrook)
1. Mary Wright
2. Wilberforce
3. Byron Southwood