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Tri-County X-C 2022

Beavers and Rams take Tri-County X-C


   Dorchester wins boys overall team title, while St. Joe's grabs girls overall crown

   on a day that challenged runners with rain, hail, wind and cold temperatures



  October 21, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

STRATHROY, Ont. - Weather presented as much a challenge for runners as opponents in the race.

However, through rainy, windy and cold conditions, the Lord Dorchester Beavers and St. Joe's Rams dominated the trails, at the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) Tri-County cross country championships, Thursday, at the Gemini Sports Park.

Dorchester are the overall boys team champions, winning the novice and senior boys titles and placing second in junior.

The Beavers had three individual race champions - Kirk Hallman, novice boys, Ryan Johnson, junior boys and Tegan Ceccanese, senior girls.

"It feels really good. I've never won TVRA before," Cessanese said. "It definitely wasn't ideal weather conditions, but pushing through and knowing that the finish was there was very reassuring. The biker (leads the runners along the course) was a very helpful guy. He kept me motivated and kept me pushing the pace, even though I was by myself. It was tough mentally, so it was helpful that he was there."

St. Joe's captured the overall girls team banner, taking both the senior and novice girls divisions. The Lady Rams were led by a pair of second place finishes, Christine

Annett in senior girls and Abi Faris in the novice race.

"This was the end goal. We had enough girls participate and we got it, so it's a really positive experience," Annett said.

The Rams had the most runners at the meet, including half the field in senior girls.

"It's obvious we're the biggest group here," said Annett.

Overall participation numbers were down, for the Rams and all schools, compared to past seasons, just averaging 28 runners per race.

St. Joe's also won the junior boys' team title, with four runners finishing in the top 10 consecutively, led by Fowler Little in third position.

Rams' Jackson Tomassen won the para race.

A challenge for all runners, certainly the seniors who ran later in the day, was attempting not be cold and wet until race time.

"The hardest thing was keeping warm before the race," Annett said. "I had to spend four hours trying to stay warm in the cold. It was hailing, snowing. Even during the race, I had mittens and pants. I fell twice in the cold mud. That wasn't fun."

Johnson and Dorchester teammate Fernando Medina, placed one-two.

"I felt like I ran very well for how bad the elements were at the time of my race," Johnson said. "The conditions were horrible, but I felt like my training that I have been doing has prepared me, because we practice even if we have those conditions."

Hallman won his race by 46 seconds and learned what to wear, or not to wear, in such conditions.

"It wasn't the best running conditions, but I was happy with the result," said Hallman. "I did not wear what I normally wear. I decided to wear a sweater and sweat pants.That really protected me from the cold weather, but it did not feel great. It was much heavier."

Noah Derganc, from the Parkside Stampeders, won the senior boys race, edging Dorchester's Jeremy Hardeman.

Ella Neil, of Woodstock Huron Park, won the novice girls race and Charlotte Piscione, of Woodstock C.I. is the junior girls champion.

The top 20 runners and the top three teams in each division, advance to the Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) championships, next Thursday, at Springbank park, in London.

"I plan to run the same I always do at WOSSAA, but try harder to stick and not lose sight of some of my faster opponents, to hopefully qualify for OFSAA," Johnson said. "All I can do is try to run a PB and see where that puts me."

At WOSSAA, the top two teams and the top three individual runners, not on those two teams, in each division, qualify for OFSAA, the high school provincial meet.

OFSAA is at the Dagmar Ski Resort, near Uxbridge, November 5.


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    WOSSAA qualifiers (top 20 individuals / top 3 teams for each division)

1. Jackson Tomassen (St. Joe's)
2. Albert Diego (St. Joe's)
3. Keigan Armstrong (Strathroy)
Novice boys (4-km)
1. Kirk Hallman (Dorchester) 15:15
2. Noah Cann (Ingersoll)
3. Bennett Thomas (Dorchester)
4. Spencer Erb (Dorchester)
5. Andrew Aavku (St. Joe's)
6. Braden Eltervoog (Huron Park)
7. Luke McKillop (St. Joe's)
8. Rendall Lackenbauer (Glendale)
9. Ronan Facchina (Holy Cross)
10.Justin Clarke (Ingersoll)
11. Andrew Shoniker (Dorchester)
12. Vance Glanville (Holy Cross)
13. Nathaniel Dyck (St. Joe's)
14. Gavin Kennington (St. Joe's)
15. Lennon Ceccanese (Dorchester)
16. Aric Hochreiter (Dorchester)
17. Max Andrews (St. Joe's)
18. Jordan Rochus (East Elgin)
19. BJ Idowu-Hundeyin (Holy Cross)
20. Ezra Wallace (Dorchester)

22. Chase Cunningham (Dorchester) *team
26. Devin Magliaro (Holy Cross) *team
	Teams: 1. Dorchester
	       2. St. Joe's
	       3. Strathroy Holy Cross

Novice girls (4-km)
1. Ella Neil (Huron Park) 16:40
2. Abi Faris (St. Joe's)
3. Lucy Waits (WCI)
4. Alex Fangeat (St. Joe's)
5. Sadie Dowswell (St. Joe's)
6. Shauna Howard (WCI)
7. Megan McLachlin (Dorchester)
8. Nevie Baker (Huron Park)
9. Jaylyn Reisser (CASS)
10. Cameron Adkins (Ingersoll)
11. Melina Roelands (Holy Cross
12. Flourish Nmor (St. Joe's)
13. Kathleen McCreery (WCI)
14. Claire Caslick (St. Joe's)
15. Chloe Bozik (Dorchester)
16. Clara Lascelles (St. Joe')
17. Jorja Libourne (Holy Cross)
18. Claire Huver (St. Joe's)
19. Leah Roy (CASS)
20. Kassandra Rombouts (Holy Cross)

21. Mya Hann (St. Joe's) *team
22. Elizabeth Ayr (St. Joe's) *team
23. Cecilia Simpson (St. Joe's) *team
26. Alexa Countryman (WCI) *team
27. Teagan O'Grady (St. Joe's) *team
	Teams: 1. St. Joe's
	       2. WCI
Junior girls (5-km)
1. Charlotte Piscione (WCI) 21:40
2. Helena Roth (Strathroy DCI)
3. Hazel Craig (WCI)
4. Jenn Weeks (Strathroy)
5. Audrey Ferguson (Parkside)
6. Adelaide Boughner (Dorchester)
7. Lizzy Woolsey (Central Elgin)
8. Chloe Knoll (WCI)
9. Roxanne McDonald (Glendale)
10. Lily Lee (Glendale)
11. Aurora Houze (WCI)
12. Cali Beattie (Dorchester)
13. Kirsten Gagnon (WCI)
14. Samaire Grevers (WCI)
15. Mara Kemmerling (St. Joe's)
16. Sarah Foley (St. Joe's)
17. Skylynn Osmond (CASS)
18. Emma Rooney (West Elgin)
19. Robyn Allen (St. Joe's)
20. Emma De Leeuw (St Joe's)
	Teams: 1. WCI
	       2. Strathroy DCI
	       3. St. Joe's
Junior boys (5-km)
1. Ryan Johnson (Dorchester) 19:12
2. Fernando Medina (Dorchester)
3. Fowler Little (St. Joe's)
4. Noah Bakker (St. Joe's)
5. Ty Emre (St. Joe's)
6. Lucas Skirtschak (St. Joe's)
7. Matthew Van Bommel (Holy Cross)
8. Devan Lucas (Dorchester)
9. Brody Mann (Central Elgin)
10. Charlie Box (Dorchester)
11. Matthew Moffatt (Holy Cross)
12. Perry Lycett(Central Elgin)
13. Joel Jenson (St. Joe's)
14. Keaton Sleightholm (Central Elgin)
15. Ryan Penney (Glencoe)
16. Mitchell Reid (Glendale)
17. Reed Bowerman (Central Elgin)
18. Bryson Ferguson (Central Elgin)
19. Kaden Pearson (Central Elgin)
20. Carter Dyck (East Elgin)

23. Lucca Bianchi (St. Joe's) *team
25. Isaiah Wallace (Dorchester) *team
26. JJ Ostojic (St. Joe's) *team
27. Robert Hunt (Central Elgin) *team
31. Logan Kerr (St. Joe's) *team
33. Cooper Doolittle (Central Elgin) *team
35. Jordan Goodall (St. Joe's) *team
36. Lukas Woodrow (St. Joe's) *team 
	Teams: 1. St. Joe's
	       2. Dorchester
	       3. Central Elgin
Senior boys (6-km)
1. Noah Derganc (Parkside) 22:32
2. Jeremy Hardman Dorchester)
3. Zachary Roberts-Neef (Parkside)
4. Nate Twinem (East Elgin)
5. Andrew Monteith (Parkside)
6. Ethan Kent (Dorchester)
7. Nate Taylor (Dorchester)
8. Chase Morris (Glendale)
9. Lachlan Sutherland (WCI)
10. Daniel Barnes (St. Joe's)
11. Logan De Leeuw (St. Joe's)
12. Taran Hendel (Glendale)
13. Izak Christensen (WCI)
14. Parker Huitema (Ingersoll)
15. Blake Morris (Dorchester)
16. Rowan Sawyer (Central Elgin)
17. Xavier Bergen (East Elgin)
18. Donovan McEwan (Central Elgin)
19. Alejandro Winzer Vazquez(WCI)
20. Ben Hendriksen (Dorchester)
21. Aaron Mills (Dorchester) *team
27. Seth Van Meppelen Scheppir (Parkside) *team
	Teams: 1. Dorchester
	       2. Parkside
	       3. WCI
Senior girls (6-km)
1. Tegan Ceccanese (Dorchester) 25:51
2. Christine Annett (St. Joe's)
3. Dani Kidder (St. Joe's)
4. Jenna Wideman  (Dorchester)
5. Adrianna Borm (East Elgin)
6. Kiara Main (Huron Park)
7. Jillian Woolsey (Central Elgin)
8. Amberly Main (Huron Park)
9. Mattea Lacelles (St. Joe's)
10. Chloe McPhee (St. Joe's)
11. Kayleigh Baker (St. Joe's)
12. Abby Kasersma (Holy Cross
13. Helen King (St. Joe's)
14. Madison Keller (Strathroy DCI)
15. Audrey Blackall (St. Joe's)
16. Addisyn Brodrip (St. Joe's)
17. Hannah King (St. Joe's)
18. Sarh VanVelzer (St. Joe's)
19. Emelia Brodrip(St. Joe's)
20. Sara Santiago (St. Joe's)
	Teams: 1. St. Joe's


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