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Tri-County X-C 2023

Trio Tri-County cross country champs


   Ty Emre and Abi Faris from St. Joe's and Dorchester's Kirk Hallman win their

   respective races leading their schools to team titles at the championship meet



  October 20, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

STRATHROY, Ont. - Ty Emre, Kirk Hallman and Abi Faris, are cross country race champions.

The trio of runners won their respective races, leading their teams to gold, at the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) Tri-County cross country championships, October 19 at Strathroy District Collegiate.

Emre won the senior boys race, with St. Joe's Rams teammates Fowler Little and Connor Crosby, on his heels, finishing second and third.

St. Joe's easily ran away with the senior boys' team title, with five runners in the top 10, including Joel Jenson, eighth and Noah Bakker, 10th.

It's the first TVRA individual title for Emre, who also trains with London-Western club.

"Over the summer I definitely focused more on running and was more consistent with my training and really started enjoying the process," said Emre. "It made it even better with my teammates being right there with me."

A year ago at OFSAA, this group of Rams placed 13th in the junior team standings. It's a step up to senior but the Rams have been preparing.

"This season the team has been at its best and best shape we have ever been in," Emre said. "We have enjoyed training together and know we are capable of qualifying again. Our goal is to medal at OFSAA and for that to happen our team has to stay healthy and away from sickness."

Getting to the podium at the provincial championships is a huge feat, but St. Joe's has been there before, winning junior team gold just four years ago.

"The team in 2019 is a big inspiration for our team," Emre said. "It shows us that it is possible to be that successful and makes the goal seem more attainable."

Easy win

Hallman won the junior boys five kilometre race by a whooping 43 seconds, with four Dorchester Beavers teammates joining him in the top 10, to give them the team title. River Neveu was third, Bennett Thomas, sixth, Spencer Erb, seventh and Andrew Shoniker, ninth.

"Today I made sure I got a first place and for this race I was doing more of a workout, with a warm-up and cool down, to get race tuned and prepared for WOSSAA and hopefully OFSAA," Hallman said.

In 2022, Hallman finished ninth at OFSAA in novice boys.

"I've a lot more confidence and I've got more training under my belt that I can use for confidence, said Hallman. "Now, I'm not afraid to lead a race right off the start and I'm not afraid to make risky moves."

No risky moves were required at Tri-County, as Hallman led the junior boys wire to wire.

This year Hallman hopes bring teammates along with him to OFSAA.

"I want to make sure I'm staying consistent with my workouts and motivating the guys to get out and run, so we can all go there," Hallman said.

Late winning move

Abi Faris of St. Joe's, took over the lead with about 500 metres to remaining, passing Ella Neil of Woodstock Huron Park, to win the junior girls race.

The Rams won team title with six runner in the top 12, with Faris, Fourish Nmor in third place, Alex Fangeat, fourth, Clara Lascelles, ninth, Sadie Dowswell, 11th and Claire Caslick, 12th.

"Scared I wasn't going to hold on at the end," said Faris.

Neil led for the majority of the race, but the chase group including Faris, Nmor, Fangeat and WCI's Lucy Waite gained ground over the final third of the five kilometre course.

After Neil jumped out to the lead, Faris wasn't thinking first, but as the group gained steps, Faris had the thought.

"Near the beginning I wasn't, but probably in the second big loop, going into the forest I saw she was close and I let into my mind that was going to happen," Faris said. "I wasn't going to settle for something else, but if it was possible I was going to do it.

"I was scared for her passing me right at the end."

Faris took gold by six seconds.

After always finishing behind Neil last season, Faris finally eclipsed her this year.

"I beat her here two weeks ago, so I was like, it is possible," said Faris, adding her OFSAA experience in 2022 has strengthened her for this season. "It's being less stressed about races. Last year, before each race I was so nervous."

The Rams are eying at return to OFSAA and improving on a fourth place last year as novices.

"Ideally that's the goal right. I'm really proud of the whole team and everybody did so well," Faris said.

The top 20 individuals in each race and top three teams in each division at Tri-County, advance to the Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) championship meet, at St. Anne's high school in Clinton, Thursday October 26.


Schools' top results

Aisha Medina finished second in novice girls for Dorchester's top female performance.

Parkside Stampeders' Oliver Doolittle and Andrew Menlove, finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the novice boys race.

Central Elgin Titans Brody Mann and Adam Thomson, were sixth and seventh, in senior boys, leading the team to second place behind St. Joe's.

Eve Buckzkowski was eighth in junior girls for the Titans' best female. Alex Vandernaault cracked the senior girls top 10, finishing 10th.

Ollie Hamilton had Glencoe District's top result, placing eighth in novice boys.

Graham Miller was ninth in senior boys, to lead the West Elgin Wildcats.

Benji Gould led the East Elgin Eagles, with a seventh place finish in novice boys. Eagles Hope Crossett and Adrianna Borm were 12th and 13th in senior girls.

Advancing to OFSAA, at Centennial Park, in Etobicoke November 4, from WOSSAA, will be the top two teams, and the top five individual runners, not on those top two teams, for each division.


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    WOSSAA qualifiers (top 20 individuals and top 3 teams from each division) (* = member of a top 3 team)


1. Keigan Armstrong (Strathroy)
2. Albert Diego (St. Joe's)
Novice boys (4-km)
1. Tyler Lafleur (WCI) 15:10
2. Colton Mann (Huron Park)
3. Oliver Doolittle (Parkside)
4. Andrew Menlove (Parkside)
5. Alex Szuckso (Dorchester)
6. Hugh Campbell (North Middlesex)
7. Benji Gould (East Elgin)
8. Ollie Hamilton (Glencoe)
9. Gavin Fourier (Dorchester)
10. Carter Bennett (Holy Cross)
11. Brayden Chelchowski (Central Elgin)
12. Billy Adebowale (Holy Cross)
13. Ladyn St. Jean (Woodstock St. Mary's)
14. Josh Cook (WCI)
15. Emmanual Fadeyi (St. Mary's)
16. Ben Barlow (WCI)
17. Daman Grevers (WCI)
18. Parker Arnett (Parkside)
19. JJ Hicks (Huron Park)
20. Quinn McDonald (Dorchester)
23. Hudson Ferreira (Holy Cross) *team
	25. Gus Roelands (Holy Cross) *team
	26. Dan Bender (Dorchester) *team
	Teams: 1. Woodstock Collegiate (WCI)
	       2. Dorchester
	       3. Strathroy Holy Cross

Novice girls (4-km)
1. Avery Van Will(Strathroy) 17:39
2. Aisha Medina (Dorchester)
3. Grace Auld (Strathroy)
4. Meleena Prikken (Ingersoll)
5. Emma Osmond (Strathroy)
6. Cadence Glanville (Holy Cross)
7. Madison Smith (St. Joe's)
8. Maeve Baker (Ingersoll)
9. Sophie Hanchiruk (Huron Park)
10. Lily Van Bommel (Holy Cross)
11. Hailey McQueen (Holy Cross
12. Jenny Woolsey (Central Elgin)
13. Emily Dix (WCI)
14. Avery Musclow (St. Joe's)
15. Olivia Knoflook (Central Elgin)
16. Charlotte Shay (Strathroy)
17. Claire McCutchen (Glendale)
18. Kaydin Gold (Strathroy)

	Teams: 1. Strathroy
Junior girls (5-km)
1. Abi Faris (St. Joe's) 21:50
2. Ella Neil (Huron Park)
3. Flourish Nmor (St. Joe's)
4. Alex Fangeat (St. Joe's)
5. Lucy Waite (WCI)
6. Megan McLachlin (Dorchester)
7. Jaylin Reissner (CASS)
8. Eve Buczkowski (Central Elgin)
9. Clara Lascelles (St. Joe's)
10. Chloe Bozik (Dorchester)
11. Sadie Dowswell (St. Joe's)
12. Claire Caslick (St. Joe's)
13. Nevie Baker (Huron Park)
14. Melina Roelands (Holy Cross)
15. Leah Roy (CASS)
16. Camille Receard Du Cormier (WCI)
17. Kathleen McCreery (WCI)
18. Sophie Pullen (Huron Park)
19. Alex MacDonald (WCI)
20. Andie Crane (Glendale)
24. Veronika Teterycz (St. Joe's) *team
26. Alexa Countryman (WCI) *team
28. Sarah Foley (St. Joe's) *team
29. Cecilia Simpson (St. Joe's) *team
30. Aurora Martinez (WCI) *team
31. Emily Blackhall (St. Joe's) *team
32. Amanda Sona (St. Joe's) *team
33. Kahlea Macamara (St. Joe's) *team
34. Maddy White (Holy Cross) *team
35. Mia Roelands (Holy Cross) *team
36. Yar Atem (St. Joe's) *team
	Teams: 1. St. Joe's
	       2. WCI
	       3. Holy Cross
Junior boys (5-km)
1. Kirk Hallman (Dorchester) 18:21
2. Noah Cann (Ingersoll)
3. River Neveu (Dorchester)
4. Eli North (Ingersoll)
5. Braden Eltervoorg (Huron Park)
6. Bennett Thomas (Dorchester)
7. Spencer Erb (Dorchester)
8. Luke McKillop (St. Joe's)
9. Andrew Shoniker (Dorchester)
10. Max Ferreira (Holy Cross)
11. Ty McEachern (Glencoe)
12. Aric Hochreiter (Dorchester)
13. Cooper Janssen (Holy Cross)
14. Andrew Aavika (St. Joe's)
15. Max Andrews (St. Joe's)
16. Greyson West (Ingersoll)
17. Jordan Rochus (East Elgin)
18. Justin Clarke (Ingersoll)
19. Aidan Pleli (St. Joe's)
20. Dawson Templeton (Parkside)
21. Gavin Kennington (St. Joe's) *team
22. Troy Pink (Dorchester) *team
26. Michael Carroll (St. Joe's) *team
	Teams: 1. Dorchester
	       2. Ingersoll
	       3. St. Joe's
Senior boys (6-km)
1. Ty Emre (St. Joe's) 21:38
2. Fowler Little (St. Joe's)
3. Connor Crosby (St. Joe's)
4. Ryan Johnson (Dorchester)
5. Andrew Monteith (Parkside)
6. Brody Mann (Central Elgin)
7. Adam Thomson (Central Elgin)
8. Joel Jenson (St. Joe's)
9. Graham Miller (West Elgin)
10. Noah Bakker (St. Joe's)
11. Keaton Sleightholm (Central Elgin)
12. Lucas Skirtschak (St. Joe's)
13. Matt Lindsay (Dorchester)
14. Rowan Wilson (St. Joe's)
15. Lucas McLellan (North Middlesex)
16. Parker Huitema (Ingersoll)
17. Lucca Bianchi (St. Joe's)
18. Bryson Ferguson (Central Elgin)
19. Aaron Mills (Dorchester)
20. Austin Pardy (Ingersoll)
21. Blake Morris (Dorchester) *team
22. Donovan McEwen (Central Elgin) *team
24. Logan De Leeuw (St. Joe's) *team
27. Devan Lucas (Dorchester) *team
31. Reed Bowerman (Central Elgin) *team
32. Mohanad Kuhail (St. Joe's) *team
40. Lukas Woodrow (St. Joe's) *team
	Teams: 1. St. Joe's
	       2. Central Elgin
	       3. Dorchester
	       4. Parkside
	       5. Glencoe
Senior girls (6-km)
1. Charlotte Piscione (WCI) 25:24
2. Helena Roth (Strathroy DCI)
3. Skylynn Osmond (CASS)
4. Hazel Craig (WCI)
5. Jenn Weeks (Strathroy)
6. Audrey Ferguson (Parkside)
7. Kiara Main (Huron Park)
8. Tereska Lukac (Parkside)
9. Mattea Lascelles (St. Joe's)
10. Alex Vandernaalt (Central Elgin)
11. Mara Kemmerling (St. Joe's)
12. Hope Crossett (East Elgin)
13. Adrianna Borm (East Elgin)
14. Cailey Kirkham (SDCI)
15. Lizzy Woolsey (Central Elgin)
16. Amber Main (Huron Park)
17. Nadia Van Asseldonk (St. Joe's)
18. Emma Rooney (West Elgin)
19. Colleen Kusermans (Holy Cross)
20. Sophia DeSousa (St.Joe's)
22. Emilie Dlouhy (Parkside) *team
25. Rosie McCaw (Parkside) *team
27. Jordan Rankin (SDCI) *team
28. Sarah VanVelzer (St. Joe's) *team
29.  Paula Brailovsky (St. Joe's) *team
Teams: 1. Strathroy
       2. Parkside
       3. St. Joe's



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