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Stampeders return to Jr hoops final

 Vikings end Stampeders season


   Boureau TDs lift Lucas over Parkside, 15-6, in junior football semifinal  



  November 4, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

ST. THOMAS - The Parkside Stampeders needed a few more offensive plays.

The Lucas Vikings snuck off with a 15-6 win, against Parkside, in the Thames Valley Regional Athletic Association (TVRA) junior football semifinals, at Parkside C.I., Thursday.

Scoreless at half-time, Merrick Rollins gave the host Stampeders, a 6-0 lead, on a 46-yard touchdown run, mid third quarter.

Lucas took a 7-6 lead, hitting their point after TD convert, late third quarter. Then the Vikings extended their advantage to 14-6, on the opening play of the fourth quarter.

"Zero-zero at halftime. It was who was going to blink first," Parkside head coach Scott Chesney said. "Our defence did a job. We held them to 15 points. Our offence was little lacking and we weren't able to move the ball.

"If we had been able to capitalize on a few of those drives, even in the first half, when we had to go for a field goal. If we coud have finished off that drive and scored right at the end of the half, that could have been a big game changer."

It was an improved effort for the Stampeders, over their regular season loss at Lucas.

"When we played them two weeks ago, it was 28-0," Chesney said. "Our game plan was to cut that in half, which we did. But we just didn't get the offence going as much as we hoped."

Cameron Bourdeau scored both Vikings touchdowns, on pass plays of 45 and 52 yards.

"Number two just got outside of our defence," said Chesney. "We tried to contain him. He was getting frustrated earlier in the game, because we were shutting him down pretty good."

The Vikings added a single late tackling the Stampeders in their own end zone.

Parkside finishes the season at 5-2, both of their losses to Lucas.

"We had a lot of success on the field this season. It was a fun group. We had a lot of fun at practice," said Chesney. "We played hard. We gave it our all and we're happy with our season."

Rollins was a big star for the Stampeders this season, with 14 touchdown, many he converted for the point after.

"He's a phenomenal running back. There were games where he scored all of our points," said Chensney. "He made us look good quite often. We would look at game film and wonder how did we, oh, because he broke four tackles that we hadn't blocked."


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