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Eagles TVRA Jr football B champs

 Eagles dismantle Bombers in final


  Upton's three TDs lead East Elgin to TVRA B division junior football title, 42-7



  November 12, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

ST. THOMAS - A year later, last season's final was still on the minds of the East Elgin Eagles. This time around however, the Eagles aimed for a different outcome.

Landon Upton found the end zone three times, as the Eagles dismantled the Ingersoll Blue Blombers, 42-7, in the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) junior football B division final, November 10, at 1Password Park.

"Last year we lost in the final. Tonight, we came out with fire and beat them to the hop and it's amazing. We all showed heart," Upton said. "Best game of my life. I was little nervous coming out, but got a touchdown and that felt great."

The Eagles scored a pair of touchdowns in the opening five minutes and led 23-7, at half-time.

"We had a couple of really good plays and they tightened up their defence. Then we really had to push it just to get points on the board," Eagles' head coach Brad Russell said. "We were focused. We really wanted this."

East Elgin delivered a crushing blow to the Bombers, scoring a touchdown on the final play of the first half, driving the ball in from the two yard line.

"We were thinking about going for a field goal and then last minute we thought, wait, it's this close," Russell said. "We've faith in these guys. Let's push it in and we did."

It was all Eagles in the second half, with two converted touchdowns, one a two-pointer, plus a field goal, a two-point safety and a rouge.

"Every game we play our hardest. Sweat on the ground. Every time," Upton said, who credited the offensive line for his monster game. "Without the line, I couldn't have got through. Number 22 and 21, Cameron Vermeer and Aiden Thiessen are tanks. They open it right up up for me."

Gavin Russell and Joey Kasza-Smith, had a TD each. Kasza-Smith kicked the field goal and all the point after touchdown (PATs). The Eagles' night was going so well, even when an attempted kick for a one-point convert failed, Kasza-Smith ran the ball in for two-points.

The Eagles complete an undefeated season at 7-0.

"We had a talented team this year. Amazing coaching staff. Everyone did such as great job together. No one ever bickered. Everyone got along. They listened to the coaches and did whatever we asked," coach Russell said. "Last year we got to the title game and ended up short, so we tried not to blow anything up. We kept telling the guys, you have practice and improve more and more because the other teams will improve too."

Only the winner of A division (Lucas Vikings), advances to WOSSAA.

East Elgin also won the senior B division title, 20-8.


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