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WOSSAA tennis 2023

 PCI's Dankwa third at WOSSAA tennis


   Ingersoll's Lauren Okrainec win girls' singles for top result from TVRA South-East


  May 26, 2023


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ST. THOMAS - Afimaa Dankwa placed third in ladies singles at WOSSAA tennis today at Pinafore Park.

West Elgin Wildcats' mixed doubles team of Karter Rowsom and Heid Aces and Dorchester Beavers Luka Palajsa and East Elgin Eagles Marius Aguston, both in men's singles, were also in action, but were eliminated in early rounds.

The top two in each event advance to OFSAA, June 5-7 in Markham.



 WOSSAA top two

Girls Singles
1. Lauren Okrainec (Ingersoll)
2. Eleanor Adams (London South)
3. Afimaa Dankwa (Parkside)
Girls Doubles
1. Meg Feore & Ava McMillan (Stratford)
2. Julie Pham & Kyra Nazarewicz (London Central)
Mixed Doubles
1. Dayna Schieldrop & Mark Barton (Stratford)
2. Cole Tomasek & Becca Gutteridge (Saunders)
Boys Singles
1. Sebastian Moglan (Mother Teresa)
2. Ashok Thandrasisia (London Central)
Boys Doubles
1. Matija Mirilovic & Hurrdy Situ (Lucas)
2. Stoyen Sendov & Nimr Dhami (London Central)







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