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TVRA Tri-County tennis

 Hardwick lifts Parkside to tennis title


   Captures women's singles gold, as Stampeders edge the East Elgin Eagles

   and Glendale Gemini for the TVRA Tri-County team crown 



  May 11, 2022


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By Rob J. Ross

ST. THOMAS - If this was the Kentucky Derby, tha Parkside Stampeders won by a nose.

In a tight battle for the team supremacy, Parkside edged both the East Elgin Eagles and Tillsonburg Glendale, by one point, at the Thames Valley Region Athletics (TVRA) Tri-County (South-East) tennis championships, at Pinafore Park.

Cadence Hardwick, the women's singles winner, pushed the Stampeders over the top.

"I was feeling strong, but a little hot," said Hardwick, who beat Parkside teammate Maya Minelly, in the final. "My serving. My serving was really good. I was keeping the ball in and had good placement on the court."

This tournament was the first competitive matches for Hardwick, who also wrestles and plays soccer at Parkside.

"I was surprised because I haven't played in awhile," said Hardwick, on going undefeated.

Parkside edged both the East Elgin Eagles and Tillsonburg Glendale, by one point. Dorchester placed fourth, followed by the West Elgin Wildcats.

Eagles' Selecia Wall and Julie Nagelhout, won women's doubles gold.

"We just wanted to have a good time," Wall said. "But we are also two very competitive people at the same time, so we had a really good balance of both attitudes and mindset. I think what Julie and I did well was our communication, and game strategies. We read players pretty quick and made the necessary adjustments for our advantage."

Wall added, serving was the highlight of their play.

Dorchester Beavers' Holly Brulotte and Sheldon Geerts, avenged a loss earlier in the day, by beating the West Elgin Wildcats' Karter Rowsom and Heidi Acres, twice in the mixed doubles final.

Ingersoll's Emmitt Robinson beat Dorchester's Luca Palajsa, in the men's singles final.

Glendale's Cole Toth and Evan Seaman edged the Central Elgin Titans' Hudson and Wardle, in the men's doubles final.

The top four in each of the five disciplines, move on to WOSSAA, Thursday, May 19, at the Stratford Tennis Club and St. Marys tennis courts.

From WOSSAA, the top two ranked entries and top two unranked entries, advance to OFSAA, May 30-June 1, in Toronto.



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    WOSSAA top 4 qualifiers

Women's Singles
1.  Cadence Hardwick (Parkside)
2.  Maya Minelly (Parkside)
3.  Elle Yaw (East Elgin)
4.  Linda Lam (WCI)
	Alt. Katelyn Tiffany (St. Joe's)
Women's Doubles
1.  Selecia Wall & Julie Nagelhout (East Elgin)
2.  Taylor Allcock & Chloe Jones (CASS)
3.  Alyssa Giesbrecht & Sabrina Cipolla (East Elgin)
4.  Kyara Miller & Santana Russell (West Elgin)
	Alt: Kayden Liptrott & Georgia Dawson (WCI)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Sheldon Geerts & Holly Brulotte (Dorchester)
2.  Karter Rowsom & Heidi Acres (West Elgin)
3.  Paige Thompson & JL Jones  (Parkside)
4.  Hayden Kebbel & Lindsay Reymer (East Elgin)
	Alt: Jocelyn Pollard & Joshua White (Dorchester)
Men's Singles
1.  Emmitt Robinson (Ingersoll)
2.  Luka Palajsa (Dorchester)
3.  Trevor Nunn (Glendale)
4.  Andrew Monteith (Parkside)
	Alt: Ty Friesen (CASS)
Men's Doubles
1.  Cole Toth & Evan Scaman (Glendale)
2.  Logan Henderson & Tristan Wardle (Central Elgin)
3.  Jordan Panther & Grant McDonald (West Elgin)
4.  Sam Connors & Kyle Homick (Glendale)
	Alt: Ethan Cartwright & Jackson Groves (East Elgin)