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TVRA 2022 wrestling

 Five wrestlers pin down TVRA gold


   CECI Titans' Basacco, Zebian, Jackson and PCI Stampeders' Penner, Forsyth,

    win weight classes at high school conference wrestling championships


March 8, 2022


By Rob J. Ross 

ST. THOMAS - Three Central Elgin Titans and two Parkside Stampeders are Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) wrestling champions.

 logo Iman Zebian, of the Central Elgin Titans, stands top of the podium, for the girls' 67.5-kg class, at TVRA wrestling, Saturday, at Medway Secondary school (photo / courtesy Iman Zebian)

Titans' Iman Zebian, repeated as the girls' 67.5-kilogram champion, having won the division, the last time the meet occurred in 2020.

"Very exciting," Zebian said. "I'm very happy that I was able to compete at TVRA before I graduate this year."

Hailey Basacco won the girls' 72-kg division and Clark Jackson, boys' 89-kg.

Bringing home gold for the Stampeders were, Gabriel Forsyth, at boys' 130-kg and Mandy Penner, girls' 44-kg.

Olivia Birtch, from London Saunders and Mason Vanzantvoort, from Woodstock College Avenue, were named the meet's female and male most outstanding wrestlers.

London Banting handily won the combined team championship, taking both boys and girls' team titles.

Parkside was fourth in the combined team standings, second in boys and seventh in girls. The Central Elgin Titan girls' were fifth.

Usually two separate meets, the Charrette and Michienzi conferences were combined this year, at a meet hosted by Medway high school, on March 5. There is also no WOSSAA meet.


    TVRA Charrette/Michienzi 2022



1.  Julia Mason(Medway)
2.  Peyton Rodrigues (Banting)

1.  Mandy Penner (PCI)
2.  Molly Batlin (Beal)
3.  Heidi Davidson (Banting)

1.  Ava Provost (Medway)
2.  Gillian Deschutter (Parkside)
3.  Mara Sanders (Beal)
4.  Lillian Hartly (Banting)
5.  Kaidance Sheffield (Montcalm)

1.  Olivia Birtch (Saunders)
2.  Ciara Atcheson (Banting)
3.  Alex Vandemaalt (CECI)
4.  Chanelle Medina (ESGD)
5.  Kylee Dilks-Miller (Saunders)

1.  Maggie McKenzie (Medway)
2.  Ayat Master (Parkside)
3.  Emma Thomas (Beal)
4.  Savannah Owen (Saunders)
5.  Kristen Krusuar (Montcalm)
1.  Marissa Desjardins (Montcalm)
2.  Sophie Koopman (Banting)
3.  Marley Weis (PCI)
4.  Zoey Astley-Duncan (Banting)
5.  Brooke Piper (Lucas)

1.  Iman Zebian (CECI)
2.  Bekah Cyr (Huron Park)
3.  Hillary Harkes (Banting)

1.  Hailey Basacco (CECI)
2.  Kira Buck (PCI)
3.  Ashlee Parker (Clarke Road)

1.  Taylor Helwig (Lucas)
2.  Iris Fair (Lucas)

1.  Davyne Beuhler (Banting)
2.  Kaitlyn Gale (Clarke Road)
3.  Gabby Lyon (Banting)

1.  Elizabeth MacDonald (Clarke Road)
2.  Sophia Paurys (Parkside)
1.  Shelby Crozier (Montcalm)


1.  Emmett Sharpe (Montcalm)

1.  Wesley Heather (CASS)
2.  Lucas Sharman (Banting)

1.  Zach English (Beal)
2.  Lucas Campbell (Saunders)
3.  Safal Eswaran (Montcalm)

1.  Sebastian Dragat (Medway)
2.  Gabriel Zou (Lucas)
3.  Joshua Pollock (Montcalm)
4.  Daniel Tennant (Beal)
1.  Dominic Bettencourt (Medway)
2.  Norman Lockhart (Glendale)
3.  Rauf Niazi (Montcalm)
1.  Liam Wilson (Medway)
2.  Samson McDonald (Glendale)
3.  Jeremy Anderson (Parkside)
4.  Nathan Kettle (Montcalm)
5.  Carter Patterson (Banting)
6.  Blake Hill (Lucas)
1.  Aden Schaefer (Banting)
2.  Fathi Dred (Banting)
3.  Bikash Gurung (Montcalm)
4.  Andre MrKoroba (Lucus)
5.  Tyler Fedyk (Medway)
6.  Ethan Qi (Medway)
1.  Danny Roberts (Banting)
2.  Cameron Radford (Huron Park)
3.  Owen Dale (Parkside)
4.  Dalton Cassidy (Glendale)
5.  Caeden Stewart (Lucas)
6.  Belal Al Jassem (Saunders)
1.  Mason Vanzantzoort (CASS)
2.  Caleb Baxter (Clarke Road)
3.  Tyler Dale (Parkside)
4.  Chris McIntosh (Saunders)
5.  Ben Young (Banting)
6.  Connor Lloyd (Banting)
1.  Cooper Neilssen-Welsh (Banting)
2.  Daniel Aguilar (Saunders)
3.  Danny Ton (Glendale)
4.  Randy Ton (Glendale)
5.  Grant Ferguson (CECI)
6.  John Korakianitis (Lucas)
1.  Josue Vitale (Medway)
2.  Amrit Subedi (Montcalm)
3.  Rhys Davis (Banting)
4.  Nathan Sweet (Saunders)
5.  Ryan McCaffrey (Lucas)
6.  Keaton Uitterdyk (Montcalm)
1.  Cameron Seybold (Banting)
2.  Nurettin Hussan (Banting)
3.  Nick Edwards (Saunders)
4.  Westly Pink (Montcalm)
5.  Justin JKowell (Montcalm)
6.  Ashmeet Chand (Montcalm)
1.  Clark Jackson (CECI)
2.  Spencer Wickens (Moncalm)
3.  Dominic Buehler (Banting)
4.  Sami Giraldon (ESGP)
5.  Yousef Elmagraby (Moncalm)
6.  Addis Dicenzo (Lucas)
1.  Cameron King (Banting)
2.  Adham Judah (Banting)
1.  Gabriel Forsyth (Parkside)
2.  Abdul Hasma (Banting)
3.  Ethan Vargas (Glendale)
4.  Dominic Dutton (CASS)
5.  Logan Craig (Clarke Road)
6.  Koda Ireland (Montcalm)
1.  Kaden Norcross (Banting)
2.  Naim Haj (Saunders)
3.  Tyross McKee (Clarke Road)

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