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TVRA curling

Teams rocking in TVRA curling 


  Parkside, Central Elgin, East Elgin compete in all day event



  December 9, 2023


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By Rob J. Ross

ST. THOMAS - Six schools clashed in a day of Thames Valley Regional Athletics curling.

The Central Elgin Titans, Parkside Stampeders and East Elgin Eagles boys and girls teams took on Ingersoll, Tillsonburg Glendale and Woodstock St. Mary's, Friday at the St. Thomas Curling Club.

Each team played three games.

The Eagles sit first in the girls South-East division at 4-1, but the Stampeders are 3-0.

St. Mary's is 3-1 on the boys side, with the Eagles at 2-1-1.




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