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South-East junior badminton

 Stamps capture badminton team title


   Led by boys doubles Regni and Hagerty Parkside top team at TVRA South-East  

   while Palajsa, Mairleitner and McKillop win gold


  April 26, 2023


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By Rob J. Ross

WOODSTOCK, Ont. - The Parkside Stampeders are South-East junior badminton champions.

Led by boys doubles winner Alok Regni and Darren Hagerty, the Stampeders took the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) conference team title, Tuesday at Huron Park secondary school.

Regni and Hagerty won a marathon gold medal match over Gavin Jenson and Parker McLeod of the host school, two games to one.

"It feels good, especially because of how long our last game was and how much we had to battle through," Regni said. "It was pushing through and getting good shots back and forth and working together to beat the other team."

Hagerty, who returns to WOSSAA after posting a 1-2 record in boys doubles a year ago with Ryan Willmore, knows the competition is at a higher level and they will see more club players.

"We'll need to be hitting our shots," said Hagerty. "Hitting the necessary shots that we need to take."

Winning a match like the South-East final will benefit Regni and Hagerty.

"We did well in the beginning," said Regni, of taking the first game against Huron Park. "We started choking near the end, but it was really the experience that we're here for and that's what helped us calm down and prevail."

Luka Palajsa is looking for gold this time around at WOSSAA.

The Dorchester Beaver repeated as South-East boys singles champion, defeating Stampeders Bryce Hampton in the final. Palajsa did not lose a game on his way to gold, winning each match two games to none.

"I'm excited for WOSSAA," Palajsa said. "Over the winter, I practiced at the (Dorchester) community centre so that really helped. I want to thank everyone there that helped me develop along the way. I worked on my movement and my swing."

Palajsa noticed improvement from practice games against Dorchester coach Curt Pollard. A year ago, it was close games, of 21-20. Now it's wins of 21-2 and not for the coach.

"Night and day," said Palajsa. "My positioning game has been superb and it's understanding the game. I know where to play the shots now. I'm more accurate with my shots. I'm more powerful with my shots."

A year ago, Palajsa finished fourth at WOSSAA, losing close matches to the silver and bronze medalists. This year he's eying gold but knows the competition.

"Everyone is faster. Everyone is stronger. Everyone can put their shots where they want too," Palajsa said. "You really have to be consistent with the chances you do have."

West Elgin Wildcats Jenna Mairleitner and Shana McKillop won girls doubles.

"We played really well. There were a few times when we had to play more than we should have. We went the extra (game)," Mairleitner said. "Putting it into the corners, depending if they were going side to side or front to back. We played how we needed too."

Friends since Grade one, Mairleitner and McKillop gained experience playing during their Grade eight year at Dutton-Dunwich elementary school.

"Communication and playing what we're best at, whether it's getting deep to getting short, we share that and it works out well,' Mairleitner said.

The top four in each of the five disciplines advance to the Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) championships, May 9 at Mother Theresa high school in London.

Including Regni and Hagerty, Parkside sends six athletes to WOSSAA. Ryan Willmore, in men's singles and Blaire Dawdy and Addy Martin, in girls doubles, placed third.

The Central Elgin Titans advance three doubles teams. Brandon Dews and Brady Hunter in boys doubles and Hunter McQuiggan and Sloane Maudsley, in mixed doubles, both placed third. Amaiah Dawdy and Reina Walters finished fourth in girls doubles.


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    TVRA South-East

Girls Singles
1. Zara Madanant (Ingersoll)
2. Peyton Cowan (Huron Park)
3. Arrianna Pastoor (College Ave)
4. Grace McLean (East Elgin)

Girls Doubles
1. Jenna Mairleitner & Shana McKillop (West Elgin)
2. Amanpreet Banwart & Olivia Elias (Huron Park)
3. Blaire Dawdy & Addy Martin (Parkside)
4. Amaiah Dawdy & Reina Walters (Central Elgin)

Mixed Doubles
1. Adrian Baran & Cheyenne Cummings (Glencoe)
2. Zack Molinaro & Robyn Wilson (WCI)
3. Hunter McQuiggan & Sloane Maudsley (Central Elgin)
4. Skylar Clark & Reece Tyssen (East Elgin)
Boys Singles
1. Luka Palajsa (Dorchester)
2. Bryce Hampton (Parkside)
3. Ryan Willmore (Parkside)
4. Zack Walker (CASS)
Boys Doubles
1. Alok Regmi & Darren Hagerty (Parkside)
2. Gavin Jensen & Parker McLeod (Huron Park)
3. Brandon Regni & Brady Hunter (Central Elgin)
4. Noah Sleegers & Julian Mizon (East Elgin)

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