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WOSSAA Senior badminton

 Tucker and Bradshaw finish fourth  


   West Elgin Wildcats' girls doubles team finish career at WOSSAA badminton


   Thursday, April 25, 2019


  • WOSSAA senior badminton
  • WOSSAA senior badminton
  • WOSSAA senior badminton
  • WOSSAA senior badminton
  • WOSSAA senior badminton
  • WOSSAA senior badminton



STRATHROY, ON. - A remarkable career came to end just short of the desired goal.

West Elgin Wildcats' girls' doubles team of Ashley Tucker and Katie Bradshaw placed fourth, for the second consecutive season, at the WOSSAA senior badminton championships, at Strathroy DCI.

They are also again the top result from the TVRA South-East division, finishing with a record of 3-2.

London CCH Crusaders' duo of Lily Spoozak and Kirandeep Multani, pulled out two wins taking the match 23-21, 26-24, preventing the Wildcats from advancing closer to their desired goal, of making the final.

"It was intense," Bradshaw said. "We were at the same skill level and they gave us a challenge and because they were so much like us and played like us, it was hard to find holes and places to hit."

London Lucas Vikings' Katie Schornagel and Christina McClelland defeated Spoozak and Multani in the third place game, to advance to the championship match. But it was London Saunders' Chloe Shum and Jose Butler-Watson taking the gold for a second consecutive year, completing an undefeated run at WOSSAA. Both finalists earn a spot at OFSAA.

"We did do well. We played our best of the season," Bradshaw added.

Together since Grade eight at West Elgin Senior Elementary School, the pair maintained a strong chemistry over four years as Wildcats, highlighted with their WOSSAA junior girls’ doubles title in Grade 10. In their freshman year, Tucker and Bradshaw took home bronze medals.

"We're best friends, so that's a big factor," Tucker said. "It started working in grade eight and stuck all the way through high school."

Bradshaw and Tucker were undefeated in Thames Valley Regional Athletics action, winning the South Division and South-East championships every year.  They are the only athletes from the South Division, to place top four at WOSSAA for four consecutive years in the past 10 years.

At WOSSAA, the pair finished third, first, fourth and fourth. Last year, it was Shum and Butler-Watson eliminating Tucker and Bradshaw.

The successful pair, who also played volleyball together, will be broken up this fall, as Tucker heads to Laurier University, in Waterloo, for Bachelor of Arts and History and Bradshaw, to Windsor's St. Clair College for nursing.

Bradshaw will conclude her Wildcat days, with the girls' soccer team.

Complete top four results at OFSAA

East Elgin Eagles' boys' doubles team of Matthew Abell and Brian Dyck, won one and lost two games.

Also going 1-2, were two mixed doubles teams, Dorchester's Victoria Quance and Kyle Morris and East Elgin's Alyssa Voros and Correy Mantel.



Boys Singles
1.  Derek Neeb (Ingersoll)
2.  Matt Wilker (Woodstock College Avenue)
3.  Greg Innes (Dorchester)
4.  Zach Power (Glendale)

Girls Singles
1.  Michelle Mills (Parkside)
2.  Paige Doherty (West Elgin)
3.  Taylor Kilday (Central Elgin)
4.  Amy Arnel (Glencoe)

Boys Doubles
1.  Matthew Abell / Brian Dyck (East Elgin)
2.  Austin Muscutt / Gavin Lunn (West Elgin)
3.  King / Carson (Glendale)
4.  Sinden / Chaytha (Glendale)

Girls Doubles 
1.  Ashley Tucker / Katie Bradshaw (West Elgin)
2.  Friesen / Chittick (College Avenue)
3.  Megan Hathaway / Jessica Underwood (Glencoe)
4.  Maddy Graham / Saranda Islani (Central Elgin)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Kyle Morris / Victoria Quance (Dorchester)
2.  Megan Hamilton / Dylan Gould (Glencoe)
3.  Alyssa Voros / Correy Mantel (East Elgin)
4.  Jill Yates / Dylan Henry (Glencoe)