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South junior badminton

 Eagles two titles at South badminton


   Titans take seven of 20 qualifying spots at the Junior competition  


  April 19, 2023


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By Rob J. Ross

ST. THOMAS - The East Elgin Eagles won two of the five titles while the Central Elgin Titans took seven of the 20 qualifying spots.

Eagles' Grace McLean is the ladies singles winner, while Noah Sleegers and Julian Mizon won boys doubles, at Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) South junior badminton April 18 at Parkside Collegiate.

Parkside Stampeders Bryce Hampton won boys singles, defeating teammate Ryan Willmore in the final.

West Elgin Wildcats Jenna Mairleitner and Shana McKillop are girls doubles champs, while Glencoe Gaels' Cheyenne Cummings and Adrian Baron won mixed doubles.

The Titans led the way with most top four finishes, led by each of their doubles teams finishing second, Brandon Dews and Brady Hunter, in boys doubles, Amaiah Dawdy and Reina Walters in girls doubles and Coleton Lucio and Janey Gillard, in mixed doubles.

The top four in each discipline qualify for the South-East championships April 25 in Woodstock. From there the top four move on to WOSSAA, May 9 in London.


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    TVRA South

Girls Singles
1. Grace McLean (East Elgin)
2. Abbie Neil (Central Elgin)
3. Lizzy Woolsey (Central Elgin)
4. Kenzie Steele (East Elging

Girls Doubles
1. Jenna Mairleitner & Shana McKillop (West Elgin)
2. Amaiah Dawdy & Reina Walters (Central Elgin)
3. Blaire Dawdy & Addy Martin (Parkside)
4. Amesa Lumani & Kade Kewley (Parkside)

Mixed Doubles
1. Adrian Baran & Cheyenne Cummings (Glencoe)
2. Coleton Lucio & Janey Gillard (Central Elgin)
3. Skylar Clark & Reece Tyssen (East Elgin)
4. Hunter McQuiggan & Sloane Maudsley (Central Elgin)
Boys Singles
1. Bryce Hampton (Parkside)
2. Ryan Willmore (Parkside)
3. Owen Hurley (Glencoe)
4. Matt Brown (West Elgin)
Boys Doubles
1. Noah Sleegers & Julian Mizon (East Elgin)
2. Brandon Dews & Brady Hunter (Central Elgin)
3. Alok Regni & Darren Hagerty (Parkside)
4. Gurvir Shoker & Alex Jackson (Central Elgin)

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