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Senior athletes of the year


 Meet Brody Claessens and Alyssa Voros


  East Elgin Eagles' 2018 senior athletes of the year


senior athletes of the year

  Brody Claessens and Alyssa Voros, East Elgin Eagles' senior athletes of the year.

(photo / Rob J. Ross)


Resides: Avon

Year in review: Soccer - TVRA South-East AA finalist; Football; Ultimate frisbee

Highlights: Scoring touchdown against London Beal, on a 25-yard pass play. On the senior football season: "We went from a not so good start to rolling at the end." For soccer, making the South-East final and the East Elgin tournament.

Career memories: WOSSAA silver in soccer during Grade 10.

Looking ahead: Studying graphic design, at Fanshawe College and trying out for soccer Falcons.





Resides: Springfield

Year in review: Keeper for the Lady Eagles soccer team, TVRA South-East AA finalist; point guard on the Eagles' basketball, TVRA S-E finalist; Qualified for WOSSAA badminton, in ladies' doubles with Katie Orlebar; Volleyball.

Highlights: Shutout the Central Elgin Titans, winning 1-0, in penalty kicks, in a TVRA South-East AA girls' soccer quarterfinal. Only lost 3-1 to the Parkside Stampeders, in the TVRA AA South-East final, who went on to win OFSAA. In the TVRA South-East AA girls' basketball final, against Parkside, the Eagles rallied late, aided by Voros hitting three consecutive foul shots, fouled on a three-point attempt. "We clawed back working as as team." Advancing to WOSSAA in badminton.

Career memories: Captured the TVRA South-East title in junior girls' basketball, while in Grade 10. Voros scored 20 points in the final. The Eagles went on to win the WOSSAA AAA bronze medal, defeating London Oakridge. In Grade nine, WOSSAA AAA silver for junior girls' basketball.

Looking ahead: Returning to East Elgin for Grade 12. Sister Kayla was the Eagles' junior female athlete of the year.