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South-East Division combine schedule

 New format for South-East schools     


   With the region's lone AAA school, Parkside C.I., moving to the Central division,

   a combined schedule was created for boys' volleyball and girls' basketball


  Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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By Rob J. Ross 

DORCHESTER, ON. - It is a new look for the Thames Valley Region Association (TVRA) South-East division.

For the first time at the senior level for girls' basketball and boys' volleyball, there is a combined regular season schedule for the 1A and AA schools.

The Parkside Stampeders, the lone 3A school in the South-East region, have moved to the Central Division.

"Parkside leaving put us in a situation where we figured we would go to a full combined South-East regular season," said Steve Voros, East Elgin coach and South convenor . "I think it will be fine. Teams will get to see everybody once (and) the competition should be fairly good across the board. It's a good thing."  

Senior girls' basketball for the South-East has 10 teams, including the Arthur Voaden Vikings, Central Elgin Titans, Dorchester Beavers, East Elgin Eagles and West Elgin Wildcats.

Those same schools have senior boys' volleyball in an 11-team division. Nine teams exist for junior boys' volleyball.

Junior girls' basketball is hurting with only four teams in the South-East, the Eagles, Beavers, Titans and Woodstock C.I.

"I like to play as many teams as possible, so I like the competition," Dorchester coach and East convenor Curt Pollard said. "I don't mind combining South and East. For our kids, it's good to play a variety of teams. That's how you get better."

Voros and Pollard both believe this type of schedule may be used for the winter and spring seasons and possibly become the norm in future years.

"I think they will all adopt it," Voros said. "We've set the ground work for it."

The South now features Voaden (A), Central Elgin (AA), East Elgin (AA), West Elgin (A) and Glencoe (A). East Division schools are Dorchester (A), Ingersoll (AA), Tillsonburg Glendale (AA) and from Woodstock, Huron Park (AA), College Avenue (AA) and Woodstock C.I. (A). Not all schools will have a senior or junior team, nor compete in every sport.

The Elgin County rivalries that stirred emotion when all four St. Thomas schools, including St. Joes's, along with East Elgin out of Aylmer, were in one division, no longer exists. But perhaps, new rivalries will form. Dorchester and East Elgin, for one, could become highway 73 rivals. Then there is always St. Thomas versus Woodstock.

In basketball, Parkside is with London Central, London Beal, Arva Medway and Strathroy DCI. Following those four games, all teams will be re-tiered based on records.

For volleyball, the Stampedes will have to contend with Parkhill North Middlesex, Strathroy DCI and London schools Central, Laurier, Westminster, Banting and Montcalm.

Field hockey has always been an one division for all of TVRA. This year there are seven teams, including the Titans, Stampeders, Eagles and Wildcats. A surprising absence are the Beavers, following an appearance in last year's final.

For football, Parkside and East Elgin have teams in TVRA. The Stampeders are in a division with Medway, Banting and Laurier. The Eagles have London schools, Lucas, South and Oakridge in their division.

The St. Joseph's Rams, now a AA school, remain in the District League, with basketball, volleyball and football teams.

Other autumn sports are golf and cross-country. St. Thomas Golf and Country Club in Union, will again host both the TVRA Tri-County and Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) boys' golf championships.

The Pine Knot Golf and Country Club in Dorchester, is the host for the OFSAA girls' golf tournament, October 10-11th.

Hoops opener

The Beavers and Eagles opened the girls' basketball season in Dorchester, with the Eagles winning both the senior and junior games.

Led by Selicia Wall and Jaime Stahlbaum, dumping in 10 points each, the Eagles took the senior match-up, 62-33.

"We executed strong I thought, on offence and defence. It was great first game," said Eagles' Alyssa Voros. "We have a few little things to clean up but we'll tweak them at practice and get ready for the next game."

Sarena Beaudry had 10 points for the Beavers.

"I was really happy with our second half. We had a much tighter game going forward after the second quarter," Dorchester coach Jess Coulas said. "They (Eagles) obviously had more height on us. They were a tough opponent but it was a good first game. Everybody knows where we're at now and we have some things to work on."

The Eagles won the junior tilt, 46-16, with Ella Cattryse scoring 10 points. Sydney Champion counted for half of the Beavers' total.