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TVDSB elementary Elgin X-C meet

  Cougars and Mustangs just too fast


     Southwold has 14 top 10 finishes, while Mitchell Hepburn wins three divisions


     Tuesday, October 3, 2017


  • Sprint to the finish
  • JG final 100 metres
  • Isabella blows kiss
  • Isabella's mom returns kiss
  • Trio of runners
  • Bantam girls start
  • Along the path
  • Groves and friends cheer
  • Up the trail
  • Danica
  • Mason
  • Christine


     AYLMER, ON. - The Southwold Cougars led the way with 14 individual runners qualifying for the final meet, including race champions Christine Annett (senior girls) and Danica Kidder (intermediate girls), at the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) elementary school SWElgin regional cross country meet, at Steen Park.

Over 600 runners competed from schools in St. Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg and eastern Elgin County. Races were one to two and half kilometres in distance, depending on the age division.

The top team of four runners and the 10 fastest individuals, in each of the 12 divisions, advance to the TVDSB final championships, at Fanshawe Conservation Area, October 17th.

The Mitchell Hepburn Mustangs and South Dorchester Stampeders, each qualified 13 runners for the final meet. Isabella Vanloon led the Mustangs, winning the junior girls' race.

Mason Basson (open boys) and Kade Kewley (bantam girls) won races for the Sparta Stingers. For the Davenport Eagles, it was Reid Lester (senior boys) and Mikaela Moyer (open girls), crossing the finish line first.

McGregor Mustang Chace Stokley, won the bantam boys race, Elgin Court Coyote Dylan Oprenchok was the intermediate boys' winner, and  Quinn  Vindasius, of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Voyageurs, took the junior boys' race.

Mitchell Hepburn won the intermediate girls, senior girls and open boys' team titles, while South Dorchester took the novice girls and junior girls' divisions.

The Elgin Court Coyotes were the intermediate boys' team champions, Port Stanley won senior boys, McGregor, bantam boys and P.E Trudeau, junior boys.

Summer's Corners won the open girls' division and Springfield, the bantam girls' team title.

Tillsonburg Westfield was the novice boys winner.




Novice - Tillsonburg Westfield
Bantam - Aylmer McGregor
Junior - P.E Trudeau
Intermediate - Elgin Court
Senior - Port Stanley
Open - Mitchell Hepburn 


Novice - South Dorchester
Bantam - Springfield
Junior - South Dorchester
Intermediate - Mitchell Hepburn
Senior - Mitchell Hepburn
Open - Summer's Corners

INDIVIDUAL top 10 qualifiers


1.  Gavin Balazs (Tillsonburg Westfield)
2.  Clarke Lessif (Westfield)
3.  David Ryerson (Southwold)
4.  Damon Fish (New Sarum)
5.  Cody Rogers (South Dorchester)
6.  Chase Sewell (McGregor)
7.  Luc Van Gorp (South Dorchester)
8.  Parker Arnett (Southwold)
9.  Jake Sauer (Southwold)
10. Luke Willsie (South Dorchester)
1.  Chace Stokley (McGregor)
2.  Marshall Telfer (South Dorchester)
3.  Carter Todd (Port Stanley)
4.  Cam Hurteau (South Dorchester)
5.  Shane Neusteter (McGregor)
6.  Cole Laemers (McGregor)
7.  Jonathyn Hall (Westfield)
8.  Dorian Park-Thomas (Westfield)
9.  Cohen Kelly (Port Stanley)
10. Zachary Mitchell (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
1.  Quinn Vindasius (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
2.  Fowler Little (South Dorchester)
3.  Darren Hagerty (Southwold)
4.  Kian Mitchell (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
5.  Gavin Russell (Davenport)
6.  Michael Kilmer (Mitchell Hepburn)
7.  Keenan Friesen (Straffordville)
8.  Michael Reimer (Summer's Corners)
9.  Cohen Schott (South Ridge)
10.  Alex Dunbar (Westfield)
1.  Dylan Oprenchok (Elgin Court)
2.  Andrew Monteith (Southwold)
3.  Dalton Cassidy (South Ridge)
4.  Ewan Penner (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
5.  Jordan Mccandless (Summer's Corners)
6.  Jayden Hildebrundt (Annandale)
7.  Gabe Stiles (Elgin Court)
8.  Kaden DeBoer (South Dorchester)
9.  Jayden McMullan (Locke's)
10. Damen MacDonald (Elgin Court)
1.  Reid Lester (Davenport)
2.  Ben Begemann (Port Stanley)
3.  Nate Twinem (Summer's Corners)
4.  Nate Granger (Port Stanley)
5.  Calvin Austen (Summer's Corners)
6.  Hunter Oprenchok (Elgin Court)
7.  Taran Hendel (South Ridge)
8.  Holden Clark (Davenport)
9.  Noah West (John Wise)
10. Ryker Sousa (South Ridge)

1.  Mason Basson (Sparta)
2.  Aiden Coles (Elgin Court)
3.  Brent Hagerty (Southwold)
4.  Tristan Coles (Elgin Court)
5.  Harrison Belanger (Mitchell Hepburn)
6.  Aiden Holder (Mitchell Hepburn)
7.  Andrew Gubesch (New Sarum)
8.  Joel Bowden (Locke's)
9.  Dylan Belanger (Mitchell Hepburn)
10. Colt Meeuse (Sparta)


1.  Mikaela Moyer (Davenport)
2.  Reegan Lindee (South Ridge)
3.  Tazia Lessard (Port Stanley)
4.  Ally Pettit (New Sarum)
5.  Megan Vanlingen (Southwold)
6.  Lillie Palmer (Port Stanley)
7.  Lily Roberts-Neef (John Wise)
8.  Jaida Ryerse (Summer's Corners)
9.  Mackenzie Kilmer (Mitchell Hepburn)
10.  Allison Young (Southwold)
1.  Christine Annett (Southwold)
2.  Cerena Aitken Guignard (Elgin Court)
3.  Shelby Laidlaw (Summer's Corners)
4.  Brook Waugh (Tillsonburg Annandale)
5.  Megan Vanlingen (Southwold)
6.  Sydney Murdock (Mitchell Hepburn)
7.  Faith Farquhar (Davenport)
8.  Cameryn Pearson (Southwold)
9.  Imogen Salin (Mitchell Hepburn)
10.  Jillian Woolsey (Forest Park)
1.  Danica Kidder (Southwold)
2.  Tereska Lukac (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
3.  Lexi Stanant (Mitchell Hepburn)
4.  Madelyn Pinnegar (Elgin Court)
5.  Shauna Puente (Westfield)
6.  Kaydence Coffey (Mitchell Hepburn)
7.  Summer Hicks (John Wise)
8.  Grace King (John Wise)
9.  Ava Moniz (Mitchell Hepburn)
10. Mya Farr (South Dorchester)
1.  Isabella Vanloon (Mitchell Hepburn)
2.  Ella Williams (Southwold)
3.  Kayla Cormier (Elgin Court)
4.  Hannah Douglas (South Ridge)
5.  Maryn Craig (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
6.  Skylar Clark (South Dorchester)
7.  Sarah Pfeffer (Southwold)
8.  Kayleigh Darby (Tillsonburg Westfield)
9.  Reece Laidlaw (Summer's Corner)
10. Exis Tursa (South Dorchester)
1.  Kade Kewley (Sparta)
2.  Ruby Steen (Mitchell Hepburn)
3.  Katelyn MacInnis (Springfield)
4.  Hailey Lindee (South Ridge)
5.  Abigail Faris (Mitchell Hepburn)
6.  Payton Biser (South Dorchester)
7.  Asya Ryerse (Summer's Corners)
8.  Sophie Nagelhout (Springfield)
9.  Olivia H (Tillsonburg)
10. Katelyn Broadhead (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)
1.  Leighton Holmes (Tillsonburg Annandale)
2.  Cordela Tursa (South Dorchester)
3.  Quinn Lang (Southwold)
4.  Shona Cassidy (South Ridge)
5.  Sophia Vincent-Kibalenko (Tillsonburg Westfield)
6.  Rachel Wall (Annandale)
7.  Alexandra Centano (Summer's Corners)
8.  Brooklyn Smith (Southwold)
9.  Eunso Fehr (Westfield)
10. Ruby Legg (South Dorchester)