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Tri-County cross country 2019

 Beavers and Rams' trail domination


   Dorchester and St. Joe's runners win five of seven races and capture

   five of six division team titles at TVRA Tri-County cross country

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


By Rob J. Ross 


STRATHROY, ON. - It was the Dorchester Beavers and St. Joseph's Rams' show.

The two schools won five of seven races and captured five of six team divisions, at the Thames Valley Regional Athletics (TVRA) Tri-County cross country championships, at Strathroy District C.I.

The top 20 runners in each race and top three teams, advance to Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) meet, Thursday, October 24th, at the Fanshawe Golf Club. The top four runners count towards team points.

Led by Owen Pink and Connor Erb, who finished one-two, Dorchester handily won the senior boys' team title, placing five in the top 10. Johnny Ledgley was fifth, followed by Dilpreet Sandhu, in ninth and Garrett Snyders, 10th.

East Elgin Eagle Hallee Knelsen won the senior girls' race by over two minutes.

St. Joe's ran away with the junior boys' team title, by taking five of the top six spots. Aiden Coles edged out his brother, Tristan, at the finish line, by one second. Brent Haggerty was third, Aiden Holder, fifth, Harrison Belanger, sixth and James Hill, ninth.

Parkside Stampeder Mason Basson prevented the Rams from sweeping the top five, finishing fourth. Teammate Vincent Moore was seventh, helping Parkside place second as team, with Ryan Sauer and Cole Palmer.

St. Joe's also took four of the top five positions, in the junior girls' race, led by winner Cerena Aitken-Guignard. Ashley Betancourt was third, Dallas Cooper, fourth and Myra Brouwer, fifth.

Dorchester's Ashley Legg, broke up a Rams' sweep, finishing second.

Ram Will Mantel won the novice boys' race, over a pair of East Elgin Eagles, Calvin Austen and Nate Twinem, who finished second and third, respectively.

Dorchester took the novice boys' team title, led by Jeremy Hardeman, who placed sixth, followed by Nate Taylor, James Hamm and Adam McDonald, in 10th, 11th and 12th, respectively.

The Beaver's novice ladies filled up the top 10 with seven runners, to walk away with the team title, led by Hannah McIntyre and Jenna Wideman, who finished one-two. Tegan Ceccanese, Devin Dance, Allie Humphries, Nicola Hammond and Gwen Beattie, all placed top nine.

Ram Christine Annett broke up a Beavers' sweep of the top five, placing third. Central Elgin Titan Jillian Woolsey was 10th. Avalon Pickett, of Strathroy Holy Cross, finished sixth.

Rams' Diego Alban-Gasca and Gabriel Dala, placed second and third, respectively, behind para race winner Chris Bright, of Woodstock College Avenue.

Dorchester brought home the overall boys' team title and St. Joe's is the overall girls champions.

From WOSSAA, the top two teams in each division and top five runners not on those top two teams, qualify for OFSAA, November 2, in Sudbury.

Below are the WOSSAA qualifiers (for South Division schools and Dorchester) (runners listed outside of top 20 are top 4 on a top 3 team)


1. Strathroy DCI
2. St. Joe's
1. Hallee Knelsen (East Elgin)24:07
5. Arielle Aitken Guignard (St. Joe's) 27:56
6. Haylee Vlasman (Central Elgin) 28:06
7. Caitlyn Evely (East Elgin) 28:16
10. Emily Campeau (Central Elgin) 28:44
11. Abbey Downing (Dorchester) 28:48
13. Mary Clare Hassan (St. Joe's) 29:18
14. Natalie Tasker (St. Joe's) 29:24
16. Elizabeth Sandison (Dorchester) 29:46
17. Sarah Card (St. Joe's) 29:58
19. Kya Doolittle (Parkside) 30:17
20. Tatem Eastman (Dorchester) 30:35


1. St. Joe's
3. Dorchester
1. Cerena Aitken-Guignard (St. Joe's) 21:52
2. Ashley Legg (Dorchester) 22:57
3. Ashley Betancourt (St. Joe's) 23:16
4. Dallas Cooper (St. Joe's) 23:50
5. Myra Brouwer (St. Joe's) 23:59
10. Reese Watson (St. Joe's) 25:29
12. Emma Zwicker (St. Joe's) 25:54
15. Brianna Rand (Dorchester) 26:20
16. Taiya Freeman (St. Joe's) 26:37
17. Chloee Harris  (Glencoe) 26:39
18. Maggie Lascelles (St. Joe's) 26:49
19. Korey Masella-Noxelle (St. Joe's) 27:01
21. Mackenzie Latimer (Dorchester) 27:39
22. Alana Ische (Dorchester) 28:13

1. Dorchester
2. St. Joe's
1. Hannah McIntyre (Dorchester) 16:10
2. Jenna Wideman (Dorchester)17:32
3. Christine Annett (St. Joe's) 17:47
4. Tegan Ceccanese (Dorchester) 18:11
5. Devin Dance (Dorchester) 18:19
7. Allie Humphries (Dorchester) 19:14
8. Nicola Hammond (Dorchester) 19:15
9. Gwen Beattie (Dorchester) 19:16
10. Jillian Woolsey (Central Elgin) 19:17
11. Lauren Lindsay (Dorchester) 19:22
12. Madeleine Lee (St. Joe's) 20:09
13. Addisyn Brodrip (St. Joe's) 20:55
15. Sarah Vankoughnett (St. Joe's) 21:44
16. Amy Wilkins (St. Joe's) 21:49
18. Lynsey Last (Parkside) 22:09
19. Kayleigh Baker (St. Joe's) 22:15
20. Sara Santiago (St. Joe's) 23:02
22. Amy Krosnicki (St. Joe's) 24:30 

1. Dorchester
3. Central Elgin
1. Owen Pink (Dorchester)21:10
2. Connor Erb (Dorchester)21:38
5. Johnny Ledgley (Dorchester) 23:10
6. Blake Kokko (Central Elgin) 23:15
7. Justin Cole (Parkside) 23:23
9. Dilpreet Sandhu (Dorchester) 23:40
10. Garrett Snyders (Dorchester) 23:48
12. Gary Cassidy (St. Joe's) 24:12
13. Aiden Currah (Dorchester) 24:19
14. Deven Vanlingen (Central Elgin) 24:33
15. Harrison VanBroekhoven (St. Joe's) 24:40
19. Nathan Mezenberg (St. Joe's) 24:55
20. Christian Wray (Central Elgin) 25:03
26. Josh Beatson (Central Elgin) 26:09

1. St. Joe's
2. Parkside
3. Central Elgin
1. Aiden Coles (St. Joe's) 17:59
2. Tristan Coles (St. Joe's) 18:00
3. Brent Haggerty (St. Joe's) 18:23
4. Mason Basson (Parkside) 18:32
5. Aiden Holder (St. Joe's) 18:42
6. Harrison Belanger (St. Joe's) 18:59
7. Vincent Moore (Parkside) 19:16
9. James Hill (St. Joe's) 19:58
12. Ethan Slatts (St. Joe's) 21:05
13. Joel Bowden (St. Joe's) 21:12
14. Adam Awde (East Elgin) 21:34
15. Gavin White (Dorchester) 21:39
16. Clark Jackson (Central Elgin) 21:44
18. Kolten reading (Dorchester) 22:29
20. Sully Hutton (Central Elgin) 23:07
21. Ryan Sauer (Parkside) 23:09
22. Dalton Vlasman (Central Elgin) 23:56
25. Tyler Vanpelt (Central Elgin) 25:34

1. Dorchester
2. St. Joe's
1. Will Mantel (St. Joe's) 15:06
2. Calvin Austen (East Elgin) 15:20
3. Nate Twinem (East Elgin) 15:40
4. Konnor Boal (Glencoe) 15:47
6. Jeremy Hardeman (Dorchester) 15:55
10. Nate Taylor (Dorchester) 16:20
11. James Hamm (Dorchester) 16:22
12. Adam McDonald (Dorchester) 16:27
13. Kenny Masschaele (St. Joe's) 16:27
14. Ethan Kent (Dorchester) 16:19
16. Noah Derganc (Parkside) 16:31
17. Ethan DeActis (Dorchester) 16:33
18. Byrne Cullan (St. Joe's) 16:34
20. Reid Lester (East Elgin) 16:38
24. Dawson Matos (St. Joe's) fourth runner 17:12


1. Chris Bright (CASS) 
2. Diego Alban-Gasca (St. Joe's)
3. Gabriel Dala (St. Joe's)


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