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TVDSB 2018 X-C Valley finals

  No shoes no problem for Hailey Smith 


    Northdale Central runner finishes second running in sock feet while teammate

    McIntyre, Southwold's Montieth and Immanuel Christian's Atkinson win

    races at the TVDSB elementary cross country championships   


     Tuesday, October 16, 2018 (update: October 22)


  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals
  • TVDSB XC Valley finals


 By Rob J. Ross 

LONDON, ON. - It was no shoes, no problem, for Hailey Smith.

The Northdale Central runner placed second in the senior girls' race, at the Thames Valley District School Board elementary cross country championships, finishing in her pink socks after losing both of her shoes along the two and half kilometre course, at Fanshawe Conservation Area.

"I lost my first shoe when we started going into the forest. I lost my second shoe when we turned down towards the water," said Smith. "I just kept running."

Smith momentarily stopped to get her first shoe, but parent and local coach Paul White, urged her to keep running as he picked up the discarded shoe.

The soft spoken Grade seven student may have pushed Kensal Park's Lauren Cameron for first place, had she not lost her footwear, but Smith said she still felt good about her run.

A year ago, as an intermediate competitor, Smith failed to finish following a fall during the race.

Smith was one of 23 top 10 results for runners from St. Thomas-Elgin County and Dorchester schools, including three race champions.

Southwold's Andrew Monteith won the senior boys' 2500 metre race, beating Northdale Central's Sam Willsie and Elgin Court's Dylan Oprenchok, who finished second and third, respectively

"The start of the race is always the hardest. When I got in to first, my thoughts were I can't lose this now. It was a hard push. My strategy was basically get into the lead and don't get passed," said Monteith, who was running third over the opening 400 metres. "Everyone pushed me really hard. You expect as much in the final."

Monteith moves up from a sixth place result in the intermediate race, a year ago. Oddly enough in that same race, Willsie and Oprenchok were second and third as well.

"It feels amazing. I know it's just grade seven, but it really tells me I might keep running my whole life. This is something I dreamed of since grade four when I started running for my school," said Monteith. "I've been running with London Legion recently and I've made a lot of improvement there. I won the 1500 metres last year (at the TVDSB final track and field meet). So I had a lot more confidence going into this year for cross country."

Hannah McIntyre, out of Northdale Central, won the open girls' race squeezing out Parkview Panther Lorelai Phinnemore, right at the finish line. The pair ran side by side for the majority of the two and half kilometre route.

"I didn't have much time so I kind of stuck my arm out and made a huge step. I didn't know if I was first," said McIntyre. "I didn't feel well through the whole race so I didn't know how I would do. I don't think it was my best, but winning is what I was going for."

Shelby Laidlaw, the South-East regional winner, finished fourth behind McIntyre.

"I didn't think I was going to do that. I surprised myself. I was trying for top 10 and I was fourth, so I'm quite happy with that. I had a good start and I finished strong," said Laidlaw. "It was really hard. I don't run much outside of (school) track and field and cross country, but I did my best."

Southwold's Christine Annett was sixth in the open girls' race. Sydney Murdock, a former Mitchell Hepburn student, now at Clara Brenton, in London, placed ninth.

Ethan Atkinson, out of Aylmer Immanuel Christian, won the bantam boys' one and half kilometre race.

Southwold's Danica Kidder finished sixth in senior girls' 2500 metre event.

Monteith and McIntyre, will both be at the Athletics Ontario cross country championships, on November 11th, in King City, representing London Legion.

Four schools placed in the top three in the team standings.

Winning the intermediate boys title was Immanuel Christian's Josiah Kroundyk, Owen Vis, Gavin Hibbert and Dylan Rempel.

The River Heights team of Georgia Robinson, Rylee Beldman, Bree McLellan and Sadie Somers, brought home the novice girls' title.

Elgin Court's senior boys' quartet of Oprenchok, Gabe Stiles, Zack Tucker, Cooper Ellery, placed second behind Ryerson.

Northdale Central placed third in bantam boys (Trace Pettit, Will Downing, Luke Box, Gavin Fornier), senior boys (Willsie, Tyson Currah, Colby Baigent, Justin Barnes), open boys (Jeremy Hardeman, Nate Taylor, Ethan Kent, James Hamm) and senior girls (Hailey Smith, Keely Van Horne, Bella Nolte, Claire White).


INDIVIDUAL (winner and local top 10 results)



Novice (1500 metres)
1.  Kaiden Modeste (Cedar Hollow)
7.  Landon Richardson (South Dorchester)
10. Drew Bate (Port Stanley Kettle Creek)
Bantam (1500 metres)
1.  Ethan Atkinson (Aylmer Immanuel Christian)
Junior (2000 metres)
1. Will Johnson (Laurie Hawkins)
5.  Cole Shoup (Springfield)
8.  Bennett Thomas (Dorchester Northdale Central)
Intermediate (2000 metres)
1. Francis Hinnah (Marie Curie)
2. Jaden Sebinagana (Northdale Central)
5. Fowler Little (South Dorchester)
7. Ryan Johnson (Thorndale West Nissouri)
8. Darren Hagerty (Southwold)
9. Michael Kilmer (Mitchell Hepburn)
10. Michael Relmer (Aylmer Summer's Corners)
Senior (2500 metres)
1.  Andrew Monteith (Southwold)
2.  Sam Willsie (Northdale Central)
3.  Dylan Oprenchuk (Elgin Court)

Open (2500 metres)
1. Viljar McGee (Roch Carrier)
6.  Calvin Austen (Summer's Corners)
Special Olympics
1. Griffin Collver (Mary Wright)



Open (2500 metres)
1. Hannah McIntyre (Northdale Central)
4. Shelby Laidlaw (Summer's Corners)
6. Christine Annett (Southwold)
Senior (2500 metres)
1. Lauren Camerson (Kensal Park)
2. Hailey Smith (Northdale Central)
6. Danica Kidder (Southwold)
Intermediate (2000 metres)
1. Charlotte Pisione (Roch Carrier)  
Junior (2000 metres)
1. Sarah Jaquith (Clara Benton)
5. Kade Kewley (Port Stanley Kettle Creek)
Bantam (1500 metres)
1. Maryn Jarvis (Riverside)
10. Kennedy Lawrence (Trudeau)
Novice (1500 metres)
1.  Willow Bridge (Tecumseh)  
4.  Elaina Kroondyk (Immanuel Christian)