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OFSAA West day 2

 Nine and a relay team head to OFSAA

    PCI's Sparenberg, Dorchester's Katie Beaudry, both double qualifiers


By Rob J. Ross

Saturday, May 27, 2017



  • Sparenberg listens
  • Cookson javelin
  • triple jump
  • Katie hurdles
  • Sparenberg discus
  • Kendra shot put
  • Quance high fives pole vault coach
  • Sparenberg discus
  • Coach talk with Olivia


LONDON, Ont. - Anij Sparenberg is heading to OFSAA as a double qualifier.

The Parkside CI athlete placed second in both the midget women's javelin and discus, with personal best throws in each event, at the OFSAA West regional track and field meet, at TD Stadium.

Katie Beaudry, of Lord Dorchester, is also a double qualifier, finishing second in the senior women's 400-metre hurdles, a day after placing second in high jump.

 East Elgin Secondary's Oakley Potter, in junior men's javelin, Parkside's Jared Parkin, in midget men's discus and Dorchester's Victoria Quance, in junior women's pole vault, each placed fourth in their respective events, on day two of the regional meet.

Over the two day regional meet, from Elgin County - Thames Centre schools, there are 10 athletes, including a relay team, heading to the OFSAA provincial meet, in Belleville, June 1-3. The top four in each event qualify.

Day two qualifiers, join from day one, Dorchester' s Megan Dunn (senior women's 100-metre hurdles, Megan Beaudry (senior women's 400 metres) and their senior women's 4x100-metre relay team (Dunn, Beaudry, Beaudry, Emma McKnight), Central Elgin CI's Seth Kuiper (junior men's discus) and Glencoe's Marlow Carter (senior men's javelin).

Complete OFSAA West results.

Sparenberg had a career day with her pair of second place performances despite a sore throwing arm and overcoming some adversity in discus.

"It feels really good. I had personal bests so that made me happy," said Sparenberg, who sets marks in javelin (31.13 metres) and discus (29.52m).

"Anij was gutsy today," Parkside throws coach Kyle Rolph said.

Sparenberg started discus with fouls on each of her first two attempts, with a bad release in round one, followed by a throw out of bounds. The pressure was there for her third and maybe final throw.

"I was going to do a standing throw, but I needed more distance or I wouldn't have made it. It got me into seventh (a 24.62-metre throw)," Sparenberg said. "Then I just did my best and threw 29 (metres)."

Her distance led for a round before Lucy Tessyman, of London Banting, regained the lead with an event winning throw of 29.97 metres.

At javelin, Sparenberg had her best effort on her opening throw and it held up against all competitors, except champion St. Benedict’s Alexandria Webb (who threw over 32 metres every time, including her best going 36.77 metres).

That allowed Sparenberg to twice skip her turn, in order to rest her arm. With her coach there was talk about not competing in discus, but Sparenberg would have no part.

Her goal for OFSAA, simple.

"A new PB," said Sparenberg, and similar to her preseason goal. "To do my best in every event at every meet and go from there and improve."

Parkside team-mate Jared Parkin will join Sparenberg at OFSAA, after a fourth best throw of 37.10 metres, in midget men's discus.

"Jared is a fun loving kid who takes throwing seriously. He loves doing it," said Rolph. "He's dying to hit that 40 metre mark. He works really hard and if he puts everything together he is going to throw further."

Beaudry is a two-event qualifier for OFSAA as well.

Erasing the memory of a trip over a hurdle during this meet a year ago, Beaudry finished the 10 hurdle one lap of the oval event, in 1:02.66. Beaudry led for the majority of the race, until Chatham Kent's Ally Oulds caught her at the finish line, crossing it in 1:02.3.

"I almost didn’t run it (but) I'm really competitive," said Beaudry, who continues to recover from a hamstring injury. "I wanted to get over the first two or three hurdles and see how I was feeling. I did and I wasn't feeling too bad so I kept going."

Two years ago, Oulds also got the better of Beaudry at regionals.

Two other athletes joined Sparenberg and Beaudry qualifying for OFSAA, on day two of regionals.

Dorchester's Victoria Quance placed fourth in junior women's pole vault, soaring to a new personal best (PB) height of 2.75 metres and setting new school record.

"I'm really, really happy on how I jumped," expressed Quance. "A lot better then ever. I PB'd by 25 centimetres. I'm over the moon happy."

Last year, Quance placed 12th at OFSAA as a midget competitor and shared setting the school record for the age category.

She's aiming for top 10 this time around, and continues to work on improving her technique with Dorchester vault coach Paul White.

"I still haven't turned. I can get up and more upside down but I can't finish the vault by turning. I'm still going over backwards, my back to the bar. If I can get the turn down, I might be able to go even higher."

Twice during the event, Quance set PB's, making 2.60 metres on her third attempt.

"Her drive to want to take her there (OFSAA) is what keeps her going," White said. He describes Quance's run leading to the pit and plant, as strengths and echoes his vaulter's assessment of needing to be upside down.

"She has lots of jump to go even higher."

Two years ago, Stephanie Muir placed eighth as a junior at OFSAA, for Dorchester's best female result.

Oakley Potter placed fourth in junior men's javelin with a best throw of 47.49 metres.

East Elgin team-mate Olivia Robinson, tied for the third highest jump at 1.53 metres, but dropped to fifth place on the tie-breaker, fewest missed attempts at lower heights. Robinson had one more miss than both third and fourth place.

Dorchester coach James Tennant's daughter, Mary, placed seventh in the midget women's 800 metres (2:26.2) and ninth, in the 400 metres (1:04.37), running for London CCH.

Top 10 results: Sarah Ashby, Dorchester, sixth, junior women's shot put (10.88 metres); Kendra Cornelissen, East Elgin, seventh, senior women's shot put (PB of 10.74 metres); Michael Roth, Parkside, seventh, midget men's 200 metres (23.94 sec.); Megan Beaudry, seventh, senior women's 200 metres (26.0 sec.); Emma McKnight, Dorchester, eighth, junior women's 200m (26.91 sec.); Tanner Smyth, Central Elgin CI, eighth, senior men's 400-metre hurdles (58.9 seconds); Jordan Palmer, St. Joe's, eighth, senior men's 800 metres (2:03.18); Nathaniel Abell, East Elgin, eighth, junior men's 3000 metres (9:18.18).