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TVDSB 2017 final Track and field meet


 Northdale Central - 15 top eight results


  At TVDSB final track and field meet Alexis Stanat sets meet record


LONDON, Ont. -  Dozens of athletes from the St. Thomas - Elgin County and Dorchester - Thames Centre schools, placed in the top eight at Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) elementary final track and field meet, June 6, at TD Stadium.

(key: sec - seconds; m - metres)

Northdale Central in Dorchester, and Mitchell Hepburn in St. Thomas led the way with most top eight individual performances, with 15 and 11, respectively. West Nissouri, out of Thorndale had nine top eight individual results.

Grace Ecker, from Dunwich-Dutton, won the bantam girls' long jump (3.69m) and 80-metre sprint (12.21 seconds). Elgin Court's Dylan Oprenchok was the junior boys 1500 metres (5:26.04) champion.

Alexis Stanat, of Mitchell Hepburn, set a new meet record in junior girls softball throw, with a toss of 38.93 metres, breaking the old record of 38.30 metres, set just last year.

Mitchell Hepburn had a trio of champions. Lily Ryder won both intermediate girls long jump (3.90m) and the 100 metre sprint (13.81 sec.) and Claireese Coffey, had the best leap in senior girls' triple jump (9.06m).

Northdale Central Brendan Mahood won open boys softball with a toss of 68.6 metres. Northdale Central open girls' 4x100-metre relay team was the fastest around the oval, finishing in 56.12 seconds.

P.E. Trudeau's Jaydn Sang won junior boys high jump (1.27m), while Sparta Stingers' Mason Basson took the senior boys high jump (1.64m) title.

The West Nissouri Wildfire had three champions, Natalie Krijnen, bantam girls 800m (3:01.0), Carter Froggett, junior boys softball (42.48m) and Noah Grant, senior boys triple jump (10.02m)

Below are results, listed by school.


Davenport Eagles

Cadence Neusteter, fourth, junior girls high jump (1.20m)

Lisa Braun, eighth, intermediate girls high jump (1.20m)

Earen Klassen, third, open girls 400m (1:06.38), sixth, triple jump (8.72m)

Open girls 4x1 relay team, seventh (58.29 sec.)

Mikaela Moyer, fifth, senior girls 800m (2:45.47)

Junior boys 4x1 relay team, eighth (1:02.76)


Dunwich-Dutton Dynamos

Grace Ecker, first, bantam girls long jump (3.69m), first, 80-metre sprint (12.21 sec.),

Fionna Campbell, sixth, junior girls long jump (3.54m)


Elgin Court Coyotes

Madelyn Pinnegar, fourth, junior girls 400m (1:14.58)

Arielle Aitken-Guignard, fourth, open girls 1500m (5:27.76), seventh, 800m (2:44.09)

Chloe Ellery, eighth, open girls 1500m (5:51.12)

Dylan Oprenchok, first, junior boys 1500m (5:26.04), sixth, 800m (2:46.47)

Josh Hepburn, fifth, intermediate boys long jump (4.08m)

Jordan Medeiros, fourth, open boys 1500m (4:59.24)

Aidan Coles, second, senior boys 800m, 2:22.25)

Tristan Coles, third, senior boys 1500m (4:57.46


John Wise Jaguars

James Whitchurch, sixth, bantam boys softball (33.16m)

Jaxen Henderson, fifth, intermediate boys softball (43.76m)


June Rose Callwood Cobras

Alyssa Gordon, second, junior girls high jump (1.23m)

Savannah Page, seventh, intermediate girls softball (36.82m)

Shelbi Swales, third, open girls high jump (1.40m)

Nathen Beckon, sixth, intermediate boys 100m (14.06 sec)

Danny DaSilva, sixth, senior boys high jump (1.50m)


Mitchell Hepburn Mustangs

Alyssa Brunette, fifth, bantam girls long jump (3.23m)

Isabella Vanloon, fifth, bantam girls softball throw (24.18m)

Alexis Stanat, first, junior girls softball throw (38.93m, new meet record), fifth, long jump (3.55m)

Lily Ryder, first, intermediate girls long jump (3.90m), first, 100m sprint (13.81 sec.)

Intermediate 4x1 relay team, second (59.21 sec.)

Open girls 4x1 relay team, fifth (57.19 sec.)

Kiki Wilson, fourth, open girls softball (41.62m)

Petra Salin, fourth, open girls 100m (13.66 sec.)

Claireese Coffey, first, senior girls triple jump (9.06m)

Liam Metzger, seventh, bantam boys long jump (3.43m)

Carter Lawrence, fifth, intermediate boys 400m (1:08.31)

Intermediate boys 4x1, second (58.66)

Jack Carlson, second, open boys 100m (12.01 sec.)

Harrison Belanger, second, senior boys 1500m, third, 800m (2:23.91)

Senior boys 4x1, fourth, (55.57)


New Sarum Huskies

Chloe Fowler, second, bantam girls high jump (1.15m)

Kaylie Goodhue, fourth, senior girls high jump (1.35m)

Ally Pettit, seventh, senior girls 400m (1:09.63)

Senior girls 4x1 relay team, eighth, (58.76 sec.)

Cody VanLiere, eighth, senior boys long jump (4.34m)

Clarke Shackleton, second, senior boys triple jump (9.73m)

Andrew Gubsch, seventh, senior boys 1500m (5:14.53)


Northdale Central Knights

Julie Ritchie, seventh, bantam girls 400 metres (1:23.34)

Jordyn Patterson, fourth, intermediate girls triple jump (8.00m)

Julia Koningshofer, second, intermediate girls softball (39.96m)

Hannah McIntyre, second, intermediate 800m (2:36.4), second, 1500 (5:25.45)

Intermediate girls 4x1 relay team, seventh (1:00.68)

Senior girls 4x1 relay team, second (56.78 sec.)

Sarah Smith, fifth, open girls 100m (13.68 sec.)

Darian Linton, second, senior girls long jump (4.24m)

Open girls 4x1 relay team, first (56.12 sec.)

Brianna Rand, fourth, senior girls triple jump (8.51m), seventh, 100m (14.28 sec.)

Olivia Burberry, fifth, senior girls softball (39.36m)

Jaden Sebinagana, third, bantam boys 800m (2:48.72), fifth 400m (1:14.74)

Lucas Wilson, fourth, junior boys 80m sprint (11.85 sec), seventh, long jump (3.81m)

Junior boys 4x1, fourth (1:02.19)

Levi Davis, sixth, intermediate boys high jump (1.25m)

Intermediate boys 4x1, sixth (1:00.32)

Ben Langstaff, second, open boys long jump (5.15m), fifth, triple jump (10.58m)

Brendan Mahood, first, open boys softball (68.6m), fifth, 100m (12.56 sec.)

Curtis McKay, sixth, open boys softball (64.15m)

Open boys 4x1 relay, seventh (53.44)

Landen Gibson, eighth, senior boys 100m (14.09 sec.)

Senior boys 4x1 relay, fourth (56.11 sec)


P.E. Trudeau Voyageurs

Kennedy Daley, third, bantam girls 80m sprint (12.66)

Allie Broderick, second, intermediate girls high jump (1.30m), seventh, 100m (14.39 sec.)

Quinn Vindasius, second, bantam boys 400m (1:12.21), second, 800m (2:47.9)

Jaydn Sang, first, junior boys high jump (1.27m)

Kian Mulvihill, sixth, intermediate boys triple jump (8.55m)


Port Stanley Phantoms

Cadence Gonyou, fifth, junior girls softball (29.31m)

Maya Medeiros, eighth, senior girls softball (38.31m)

Olivia Krahn, third, senior girls 100m (13.81 sec.)

Colton Clark, fifth, junior boys 400m (1:12.12)

Grant Ferguson, eighth, open boys 800m (2:29.75)

Open boys 4x1 relay, fifth, (53.23)

Nevan Fehr, sixth, senior boys long jump (4.37m)


Southwold Cougars

Ella Williams, fifth, bantam girls high jump (1.10m)

Audrey Ferguson, seventh, bantam girls 800m (3:10.03)

Reece Coleman, sixth, junior girls 400m (1:16.38)

Junior girls 4x100m relay team, second (1:02.63)

Paige Gocan, third, senior girls long jump (4.20m)

David Logan, third, junior boys 400m (1:10.88)

Andrew Monteith, fourth, junior boys 1500m (5:32.3)

Junior boys 4x1 relay team, second, 1:01.97

Junior Coleman, seventh, senior boys softball (51.82m)


South Dorchester Stampeders

Darah Farrow, seventh, bantam girls long jump (3.16m)

Tyler Van Gorp, third, bantam boys 80m sprint (11.82 sec.)

Kaden DeBoer, fourth, junior boys 800m (2:44.77)

Dustin Farrow, second, intermediate boys softball, fifth, triple jump (8.57m)

Reid Lester, fourth, intermediate boys 1500m (5:32.13) 


Sparta Stingers

Lexie Sawyer, second, junior girls softball (32.82m)

Sydney Gee, fifth, open girls 400m (1:07.72), seventh, long jump (4.22m)

Mason Basson, first, senior boys high jump (1.64m), second, 400m (1:00.25)


Springfield Spitfires

Taylor Kana, third, bantam girls softball throw (24.55m)


Straffordville Rams

Mackenzie Brackenbury, second, senior girls softball (41.05m)

Kurtis Friesen, sixth, junior boys softball (39.13m)


Summers' Corners Sabres

Hallee Knelsen, second, open girls 800m (2:34.91)

Selicia Wall, third, senior girls triple jump (8.64m), eighth, long jump (4.01m)

Steven Miller, second, intermediate boys 400m (1:07.81)

Ashton Ivanyshyn, second, senior bosy 100m (12.63 sec.)


West Nissouri Wildfire

Natalie Krijnen, first, bantam girls 800m (3:01.07)

Jadyn Luna, second, senior girls 100m (13.72 sec.)

Senior girls 4x1 relay team, fifth (57.31 sec.)

Ryan Johnson, seventh, bantam boys 800m (2:50.72)

Carter Froggett, first, junior boys softball (42.48m)

Cooper Clark, third, junior boys softball (41.84m)

Julian VandenOoetelar, eighth, junior boys 800m (2:47.69)

Nolan Smith, eighth, open boys triple jump (10.25m)

Noah Grant, first, senior boys triple jump (10.02m), sixth, high jump (1.45m)

Ethan Froggett, fifth, senior boys long jump (4.38m)