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OFSAA girls' rugby

 Rams blanked in OFSAA rugby debut   


   Peterborough Holy Cross shuts outs St. Joe's, 48-0, at the A/AA girls' tournament


  Monday, June 3, 2019


  • OFSAA girls' rugby
  • OFSAA girls' rugby
  • OFSAA girls' rugby
  • OFSAA girls' rugby
  • OFSAA girls' rugby
  • OFSAA girls' rugby



COURTICE, ON. - It was a rough welcome to OFSAA for the St. Joseph's Rams.

Number two seeded Peterborough Holy Cross, blanked St. Joe's, 48-0, in their opening game at the OFSAA A/AA girls' rugby championship, at the South Courtice arena field.

"We definitely saw a different calibre of play than we had seen," St. Joe's coach Wolff Schweitzer said. "The first half it was hard to deal with, but we felt the girls fought back really well after the first 10 minutes. We played some good rugby for the last two-thirds of the game."

The speed of Holy Cross overwhelmed over the Rams early in the game, leading to multiple scores.

"Nerves and they (Holy Cross) were fast," said Schweitzer said.  "We've seen a lot of big, strong teams and they were definitely a fast team that caused us some problems in the first half."

Rams' captain Sophie Pellerine, one of only two players, along with Leah Lowe, to have rugby experience before this season, felt the team could take the game as a educating experience.

"This game was rough on us but it's our first loss. We need to learn from it. There's just so much we can take from games that we've won. It's the losing that we need to take and learn. I feel we'll come back a lot stronger and harder next game," said Pellerine. "Teams like (Holy Cross) show us that we really need to communicate more. We've only seen a certain amount of teams. This OFSAA is good because we get to see teams from all over Ontario."

Schweitzer noticed improvement despite the score.

"Even within that game our tackling got better and our defensive line got better. If we keep that for tomorrow, we should be in good shape. We didn't have the ball a lot, but our offence did some good."

St. Joe's faces Ottawa Ashbury (20-0 loss to Streetsville), 10 a.m. Tuesday, at Eastdale C.V.

"We've already done so well this year, so whatever happens we're so proud of ourselves," said Pellerine. "We're very excited (about OFSAA) and we have the banquet coming up (tonight)."