Senior athletes of the year


Meet Jaxon Nolte and Leaha Johnston


 Lord Dorchester Beavers' 2020 senior athletes of the year


                                    Jaxon Nolte



Resides: Dorchester

Year in review: Senior basketball, power forward, co-captain, WOSSAA silver medalist; senior soccer, center-mid, captain, no season; cross country, only trained with team; coached the Northdale Central elementary school soccer team; school athletic association, in charge of recruitment.

Top moment: "My favourite memory of this past season was competing for WOSSAA (1-A basketball). Right now with soccer being cancelled I really miss the competitive fight to win games and that was the hardest my team and I had to fight all year. We lost in the semi-finals of WOSSAA against the winners in a close game. This year I trained with the cross country team but did not compete.  Our soccer season was cancelled due to the coronavirus but we had aspirations of competing for WOSSAA."

Career highlights: Winning WOSSAA in grade ten basketball; "Winning the TVRA South-East region soccer league for the first time in 25 years according to our coach despite being a single A school"; cross country, Nolte led a LDSS first, second, third and fifth finish in the novice boys race, at TVRA in grade nine.

Outside of LDSS: "I played for the St Thomas premier men's soccer team to finish their season in the fall and through the winter. We were in playoffs when the coronavirus hit so we never finished."

Looking ahead: "I made the Windsor University soccer team and got into the kinesiology program, but I decided due to a combination of reasons to go back for a grade 13. My best memories from LDSS will be the friendships I made and playing sports, competing for WOSSAA championships."

                        Leaha Johnston



Resides: Dorchester

Year in review: Senior basketball, WOSSAA 1-A silver medalist, senior volleyball, middle, left side, WOSSAA silver medalist; badminton, no season in 2020, went 2-2 at WOSSAA in mixed doubles in 2019; track and field - javelin, no season in 2020, OFSAA appearance in 2019.

Moments: "When someone on the team would start dancing randomly and in the next five minutes the whole team, sometimes including coach Dalke, would start trying to dance and we would end up having to pause practice to dance it out for a bit. One time in practice one of the girls sat on the floor and started hitting the floor in a cool pattern and slowly the team joined and after 10 minutes we had everyone and coach Dalke all trying to make music by hitting the floor on cool patterns. Practice went nowhere."

Career highlights: Winning junior WOSSAA volleyball in Grade 10. Hopeful the basketball or volleyball team will make it to OFSAA in her Grade 12 year. "All of the different teams and experiences, plus new friends I made from it."

Memories of LDSS: "Even though I'm not leaving, one thing I will remember about LDSS is how small it and in my case this allowed me to play every sport with a group of my friends. I feel this advantage really helped enjoy it even more."

Looking ahead: Returning for Grade 12. Play basketball, volleyball, badminton, throw javelin.