Senior athletes of the year


Meet Blake Kokko and Haylee Vlasman


 Central Elgin Titans' 2020 senior athletes of the year


                                    Blake Kokko



Resides: St. Thomas

Year in review: Cross country, captain, WOSSAA top 40, sixth at TVRA; senior basketball, WOSSAA AA finalist, TVRA South-East champion; soccer, forward; badminton, men's singles.

Top moment: "My favourite memory from this year would have probably been the basketball season, when we won the St. Joseph's Ram Rocker and going to WOSSAA."

Career highlights: "Going to WOSSAA in my Grade nine year with the soccer team; All of the cross country meets, when I got to meet new people from around the area;  My final year of high school basketball, which was probably my favourite season of sports in high school."

Memories of CECI: "The things I will remember most from my Central Elgin times are the friends I made throughout high school. The countless amount of games, meets, matches, etc. As well as the teachers and coaches that have helped me develop myself into a better athlete and person along the way. Also the year of 2020 which halted two sports for my season (soccer and badminton). And lastly, being able to play alongside my brother for two years of soccer and one year of basketball."

Outside of CECI: With St. Thomas Soccer Club's men's team.

Looking ahead: Studying Accounting at Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake campus, in the fall of 2020.

                        Haylee Vlasman



Resides: St. Thomas

Year in review: Cross country, WOSSAA top 40, sixth at TVRA; soccer, captain, center back; pickleball; tennis, ladies singles; badminton, ladies singles; ski club; Wellness Council.

Top moment: "My last cross country race at WOSSAA."

Career highlights: "Moving on to WOSSAA every year for cross country; Almost making it to WOSSAA for soccer; becoming a starter in grade nine in soccer."

Memories of CECI: "I will remember my teachers, the impact they had on my life and just being able to always go and talk to them about anything. I will also remember meeting all my friends and playing against my friends who went to different schools during games or matches. Lastly the people you meet through sports and the opportunities to try new sports and new experiences."

Looking ahead: Attending Waterloo University for kinesiology co-op, leaning towards a career as a athletic therapist or physiotherapist, may try out for varsity soccer team; look at playing intramural hockey, soccer, pickleball, or tennis.