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Hell, we've all been there!.

We have all been there. But we can freeze it with our attitude and desire.

Welcome to hometownplay.ca, your online source of local sports, for St. Thomas – Elgin County and Dorchester – Thames Centre.

Hometownplay.ca aims to fill the absence of local sports coverage, recognizing local athletes and teams and highlighting the achievements of our grassroots sports community.

At Hometownplay.ca, we're motivated  to improve, enhance, keep archives and create links to local groups and leagues.

Teams, coaches, players and parents are encouraged to submit results, regular season or playoffs, game info and team photos.

Rob J. Ross, the founder of hometownplay.ca and its principal writer and photographer, brings two decades of experience, including eight years as editor - reporter -photographer, at the St. Thomas Times-Journal (T-J), a daily in south-western Ontario.

Specializing in sports, Rob has walked in all areas on news coverage.

It all started in high school, when the athletic director mentioned to Rob, he likely wouldn’t make the Olympics as an athlete, but there was another away to get there (besides buying a ticket).

During Rob’s time at the T-J, he strived to improve local coverage, focusing on local content to ensure the community knew what was occurring in their own backyard.

His efforts resulted in Rob and the T-J being honoured by the Canadian Association for the Advancement in Women and Sports (CAAWS), with their  NATIONAL MEDIA AWARD. Recognition from the Government of Canada followed.

As satisfying, and maybe more, are the numerous LETTERS from readers.

Whether it’s a well know professional or a youngster learning a sport, Rob enjoys hearing about the sports they are passionate about and bringing each athlete’s story to the community. National, provincial, or local championships, Rob has been there for the glory of victory and the agony of defeat.

Rob is proud of his farm upbringing although picking rocks and cleaning stalls is not missed. OK, getting a cow's tail whipped across his face isn't that memorable either.

Rob’s own sports memories include three provincial medals in collegiate cross-country and being named MVP of a provincial softball champion, that also placed third in the nation.

Rob is an avid hiker, who has completed the 900-kilometre Bruce Trail (Niagara Falls to Tobermory). Follow his personal adventures on twitter, @thornboss.

Always with a camera while hiking or cycling the trails, friends are waiting for the photo of a bear greeting Rob. He is simply happy not stepping on any snakes.