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National Media award


  CAAWS National media award 2006: St. Thomas Times-Journal


    Media Community/Provincial AwardPresented to  a member of the media who has increased the profile and awareness of the achievements, abilities and potential of girls and women in sport and physical activity.


Past National Media awards recipients include Sportsnet (Deb Sanderson), Toronto Star (Lois Kalchman), CBC Sports (Nancy Lee), Montreal Gazette (Dave Stubbs), Maclean's magazine.


The St. Thomas Times-Journal is a daily newspaper that serves the largely rural agriculture-based county of Elgin in Southern Ontario with a population of over 80,000.


For many years it has provided consistent, high quality coverage of a wide-range of female sport participation. Though a relatively small newspaper in terms of page numbers, it regularly includes colour photographs; strong headlines; and lead stories of girls’ high school sports, teams and tournaments as well as individual female athletes of all ages.


Its coverage has ranged from a front sports page story about a local girl winning a bronze medal at a regional track meet to coverage of the St. Joseph’s high school girls’ hockey team. Whether covering the local high school girls’ curling team, wrestling team or a community hockey league, the sports writers report on the events with the same professional written calibre as any other sports activity.


The balanced, fair coverage of girls’ and women’s sports provided by the St. Thomas Times is unusual in today’s media environment. The coverage encourages and celebrates the participation of girls and women of all ages, and at all levels of activity in the community. It sets a strong example for other newspapers to follow.


link: http://www.caaws.ca/grants-and-recognition/breakthrough-award/past-breakthrough-award-winners/breakthrough-award-winners-2005-2006/


The Breakthrough Awards were established by CAAWS in 1986 to recognize exceptional accomplishments that ‘break through’ traditional limits and pave the way for girls and women to participate.