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Boyko medals at two meets

 Boyko medals twice in 24 hours


   Elgin Court student wins school wrestling meet, before a silver at provincials


Monday, April 23, 2018

Julie Boyko

Julie Boyko holds her silver medal, from the Ontario Wrestling bantam championships.  (photo / courtesy Boyko family)

By Rob J. Ross 

ST. THOMAS -  Two competitions, back to back days, gold and silver medals.

Julie Boyko had a successful 24 hour period on the wrestling mat.

On day one, the Grade eight student at Elgin Court public school, won the girls' 54-kilogram class, at a elementary meet hosted by Sherwood Fox school in London, on April 20.

Next day, Boyko was in Brampton, making her debut at the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association Youth championships, bringing home silver in the bantam girls' 54-56.8kg division.

"My first match I won but I was losing in the first half of it and then I pinned her in the second half," Boyko said. "My second match I lost by points, but I went the whole match."

Boyko went to work on her opponents using a few different moves.

"(At Sherwod Fox), I was doing duck-unders a lot," Boyko explained. "For provincials, I did head and arm throws in both of my matches. In my first match, I actually pinned the girl from doing that.

"It was really fun."

The two meets prepares Boyko for the Harry Geris TVDSB wrestling festival, this Thursday, at Carling Heights Optimist community centre, in London. The championship tournament ends a five week regular season that featured meets, such as the one at Sherwood Fox.

Her older sister, Stephanie, introduced Julie to the sport.

 "She started in grade nine and she was going to OXEL (wrestling club) and I wanted to try it. I went to a couple practices and I really liked it and have just continued on for the past couple years," says Julie. "The tournaments are really fun. You learn a lot and it's a fun sport to be in and it keeps you fit."

This past February, Stephanie had a 3-2 record, at OFSAA, the high school provincial championships, after winning silver at WOSSAA.

When Julie isn't throwing opponents down on the mat, she's running up stairs, in one of the tallest structures in the world, with her sister and their parents, Lori and Dan.

Earlier this month, the Boyko family, completed the 1,776-step adventure, for the 28th annual World Wildlife Fund CN Tower climb for nature, on April 7.

 "I did it in 20 minutes," said Julie.  "It was tiring. Luckily we were able to take the elevator down."

The CN Tower climb site states the WWF event was the most successful ever, raising $1.44 million.