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TVRA S-E Junior badminton

 Sawatzky leads Eagles to team title  


   East Elgin grabs eight top four spots at TVRA South-East junior badminton


   Wednesday, April 24, 2019


  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton
  • TVRA SE junior badminton



ST. THOMAS - Rachel Sawatzky persevered while Ella Cattrysse and Selicia Wall endured through mixed emotions.

Sawatzky in ladies' singles and Cattrysse and Wall in ladies' doubles, won gold medals, to lead the East Elgin Eagles at the Thames Valley Regional Athletics South-East junior badminton championships, at Parkside C.I.

The Eagles captured the team title, nabbing eight of the 20 total qualifying spots for the Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) tournament, at Saunders Secondary School, in London, April 30th.

The top four in each of the five disciplines advance to WOSSAA.

Sawatzky was on the verge of missing a qualifying spot altogether, after losing her second match to Eagles' teammate Hallee Knelsen.

But Sawatzky regrouped to reel off four consecutive match victories including beating Knelsen in the third place game, before out lasting Central Elgin Titan Sherah Kuiper in a marathon final, taking both sets two games to one.

"I was tired because I had to play right away (but) I was hoping for a gold medal," Sawatzky said, adding her improved mobility and shuttle placement on the court aided her.

"I made sure I spiked it (shuttle) all the way to the back whenever I could."

Cattrysse and Wall, both Grade nine students, somewhat happily beat fellow Eagles Mackenzie Wiebe and Abby DeCoutere in the gold match.

"We had to play them last tournament (TVRA South) too," said Cattrysse. "Stressful. I don't like it."

Cattrysse and Wall won the South final, but the pair lost to their Grade 10 teammates in the meeting of undefeated teams today and had to beat a third Eagles entry, Lauren Orlebar and Thea Fenn, for a rematch in the South-East final.

East Elgin finished with the top three positions in ladies' doubles.

"We had a good time and we enjoyed what we were doing. We were just having fun," said Wall.

Their goal for the regional tournament is a high one.

"The best that East Elgin (girls' doubles) has ever made it at WOSSAA is fourth, so we'll try to beat that."

In boys' singles, the Eagles were third and fourth, with Cameron Wall and Landon Underhill.

Dorchester's Eric McLellan and Leaha Johnson are the mixed doubles champions, defeating Eagles' Kayla Voros and Jayden Vansevenant in the final.

Glencoe's John Van Bilsen and Jackson Caron won the boys' double gold medal, defeating Dorchester's Owen Pink and Curtis McLay.



Boys Singles
1.  Ethan Bruce (Woodstock College Avenue)
2.  Noah Szabo (Parkside)
3.  Cameron Wall (East Elgin)
4.  Landon Underhill (East Elgin)

Girls Singles
1.  Rachel Sawatzky (East Elgin)
2.  Sherah Kuiper (Central Elgin)
3.  Hallee Knelsen (East Elgin)
4.  Jadelyn Wallman (Central Elgin)

Boys Doubles
1.  John Van Bilsen / Jackson Caron (Glencoe)
2.  Curtis McLay / Owen Pink (Dorchester)
3.  Matt Yates / Dylan Henry (Glencoe)
4.  Emmett Robinson / Gavan Bryant (Ingersoll)

Girls Doubles 
1.  Selicia Wall / Ella Cattrysse (East Elgin)
2.  Mackenzie Wiebe / Abby DeCoutere (East Elgin)
3.  Lauren Orelebar / Thea Fenn (East Elgin)
4.  Ella Mairleitner / Karleigh Bodkin (Central Elgin)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Eric McLellan / Leaha Johnson (Dorchester)
2.  Kayla Voros / Jayden Vansevenant (East Elgin)
3.  Kate Dejong / Christian Vecchio (Central Elgin)
4.  Kaiden Banks / Emily Page (Parkside)