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TVRA South JR badminton

 East Elgin dominates junior South  


   Eagles win four of five divisions at TVRA South-East badminton qualifier


   Thursday, April 18, 2019


  • TVRA South JR badminton
  • TVRA South JR badminton
  • TVRA South JR badminton
  • TVRA South JR badminton
  • TVRA South JR badminton
  • TVRA South JR badminton



ST. THOMAS - The East Elgin Eagles took four of five divisions at Thames Valley Region Athletics (TVRA) South Division junior badminton, at Parkside C.I.

The top four in each division, qualify for the TVRA South-East championships, April 24th, at Parkside. From there, the top four in each division advance to the Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association (WOSSAA) tournament, at Saunders Secondary School, in London, April 30th.

Ten Eagles move on to the South-East meet, led by their champions, Cameron Wall (boys' singles), Rachel Sawatzky (girls' singles), Selicia Wall and Ella Cattrysse (girls' doubles) and Kaya Voros and Jayden Vansevenant (mixed doubles), won gold.

Glencoe's John Van Bilsen and Jackson Caron, in boys' doubles, prevented an Eagles' sweep of gold, winning the final against Nicholas Cowx and John Orlebar.

Cameron Wall won a marathon match for boys' singles gold, defeating teammate Landon Underhill, who was undefeated entering the final. The pair of Eagles endured two sets that went three games each. 

The Central Elgin Titans advance four athletes, including Christian Vecchio and Kate Dejong, second, in mixed doubles.



Boys Singles
1.  Cameron Wall(EESS)
2.  Landon Underhill (EESS)
3.  Noah Szabo (PCI)
4.  Trent Reussink (CECI)

Girls Singles
1.  Rachel Sawatzky (EESS)
2.  Jadelyn Walman (CECI)
3.  Hallee Knelsen (EESS)
4.  Sherah Kuiper (CECI)

Boys Doubles
1.  John Van Bilsen / Jackson Caron (GDHS)
2.  Nicholas Cowx / John Orlebar (EESS)
3.  Drew McIntyre / Owen Lunn (WESS)
4.  Dylan Henry / Matthew Yates (GDHS)

Girls Doubles 
1.  Selicia Wall / Ella Cattrysse (EESS)
2.  Mackenzie Wiebe / Abby DeCoutere (EESS)
3.  Lauren Orlebar / Thea Fenn (EESS)
4.  Ella Mairleitner / Karleigh Bodkin (WESS)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Kayla Voros / Jayden Vansevenant (EESS)
2.  Christian Vecchio / Katie Dejong (CECI)
3.  Emily Page / Kaiden Banks (PCI)
4.  Alida Dance / Trevor Van Gorp (EESS)
Legend: CECI - Central Elgin Collegiate Institute; EESS - East Elgin secondary school; 
PCI - Parkside Collegiate Institute; WESS - West Elgin secondary school; GDHS - Glencoe District high school