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TVRA South junior badminton


 Eagles land 11 top four positions


   West Elgin takes both junior boys and girl's doubles titles 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

The top four in each division, advance to the TVRA South-East junior badminton championships, hosted by Parkside Collegiate Institute, April 19th.

Boys Singles
1.  Cole Gordon (PCI)
2.  Corey Mantel (EESS)
3.  Dean Rollins (EESS)
4.  Bryan Harms (EESS)

Girls Singles
1.  Megan Andreychuk (EESS)
2.  Hannah Wiebe (EESS)
3.  Allie Vandyk (CECI)
4.  Lauren Cattrysse (EESS)

Boys Doubles
1.  Ryan Long/Gavin Lunn (WESS)
2.  Carter Moraal/ Jake McQuade (WESS)
3.  Cole Hubert/Jason Dyck (EESS)
4.  Matthew Abell/Jason Guenter (EESS)

Girls Doubles 
1.  Ashley Tucker/Katie Bradshaw (WESS)
2.  Alyssa Voros/Katie Olebar (EESS)
3.  Kelsey Williams/Heather Dennis (CECI)
4.  Nicole Buitrago/Marlize Rupple (PCI)

Mixed Doubles
1.  Megan Hamilton/Dylan Gould (GDHS)
2.  Isabella Wall/Ethan Reid (EESS)
3.  Mikayla Dunn/Adam Dekraker (EESS)
4.  Averi Walters/Blake Kokko (CECI)
Legend: CECI - Central Elgin Collegiate Institute; GDHS - Glencoe District high school; EESS - East Elgin secondary school; 
	PCI - Parkside Collegiate Institute; WESS - West Elgin secondary school.